LISTEN: Doggerland Offers Charming Folk-Pop On Melodic “Pine”

Doggerland is an Americana collective from across the U.S. who come together to play the music of singer-songwriter team Dave Kopperman and Katherine Paterson. Their physical distance increased during the pandemic with Paterson moving from New York to Texas, but this distance only strengthened the intention of the band’s eponymous debut EP, which concerns itself with navigating division and distance and redrawing connections once thought to be lost. The players are Noah Baerman (keyboard/piano), Matt Bernstein (guitar), Johnnie Gilmore (bass), Mel Hsu (cello, backing vocals), Lilly Lane (backing vocals), Nate Mondschein (drums), and Kate Ten Eyck (euphonium).

On “Pine”, the latest single off Doggerland’s recently released self-titled EP, the collaborative creates down-home wistful Americana with a traveling beat and a charming melody reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian. Clever lines like “I wrote a book to save my breath” weave their way throughout the relatable storyline of longing for the often comforting familiarity of yesterday. 

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