SONG PREMIERE: Werewolf Jones Unleash Brash and Grinding Punk on “Lock The Door”

Photo Credit: McKenzie Pearc

Punk outfit Werewolf Jones started in late 2016 on Detroit’s West Side, in the basement of the house where they were roommates. In 2018 they released a self-titled tape on Rare Plant Recordings, recorded in a barn in Northern Michigan. In 2019, It’s Trash Records dropped the band’s first record, a self-titled 7″ EP. In 2020 the band released their first LP, Premium on Big Neck Records, recorded upstairs at Detroit’s own Outer Limits Lounge. 2021 saw the release of Terminal Velocity tape on Tetryon Tapes, as well as a live tape, ‘Live at the Outer Limits Stroh Down’ on Primitiv Screwhead. The band’s second full length LP, Rot Away, will be released December 16th on Big Neck Records (PRE-ORDER).

Today Glide is excited to premiere “Lock The Door,” one of the standout new tracks on the album. Coming in at just over two minutes, the song is a grinding frenzy of punk rock with elements of hardcore and metal. The music hits with a machine gun intensity that soars with anguished, brutal vocals that also maintain the kind of melodicism that makes this type of music palatable to casual fans of punk and metal. Considering the sizable amount of grit and brash musicianship on display, the lyrics are surprisingly deep.

Band member Adam Hunter describes the inspiration and meaning behind the song:

“This was the first song I wrote after the lockdown happened, right when it really started looking bad, and I honestly started thinking I had entered some sort of parallel, hell dimension. It’s about perception of reality, and the eternity of the soul. If you’re alone, locked away you become ageless. There is no forward or backward, good or bad, just the siren song of the eternal.”


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