LISTEN: Berlin Garage Rockers Nylon Club Offer Up Classic 80s Post Punk On Fiery “Animal Glue”

Berlin-based garage rockers Nylon Club offer up a straight-ahead headbanger laden with catchy melodies on their latest single “Animal Glue”. The fuzzy synths collide with Alexander’s restrained, pop-tinged vocal delivery and jangly guitars to create an inventive, contemporary take on the classic 80’s post-punk sound.

“Animal Glue is probably surmised best as a pop song about trying to get closer to quenching that synthetic thirst for life. Drake was visiting Berlin with no real plan to stick around, and we were reunited with old friends catching up and getting into trouble. We sat down to write music with no intention other than to make some recordings, but felt so at ease in working together that we decided it better to start a band, and start playing music. “Animal Glue” was our first crack at writing a song, and was one of those tunes that just writes itself in a few hours. It’s meant to be a fast, spun out, under 3 minute burner that captures the energy of the chaotic degenerate summer we were having. It served as a template for the rest of the EP and when Drake got back to the US they finished it up with Mark Geanakakis , a real bruiser out of Boston MA who did the drums as well as all the production. we’re looking forward to playing it out around Berlin and Europe as well as on the east coast this year,” says the band

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