LISTEN: Mary Middlefield Mixes Nick Drake Style Finger Picking With Hush Folk On “Two Thousand One”

On her latest single “Two Thousand One”, Switzerland’s Mary Middlefield delicately balances the beautiful with the biting in a frank assessment of a toxic relationship that was finally left behind. The Nick Drake style finger picking deftly weaves its way through a maze of intriguing changes while Middlefield’s hushed vocals clearly convey the constant second-guessing and perceived self shortcomings one experiences before walking away from an abusive situation. 

Following a complicated and toxic breakup, the foundations of the track were born as Mary wrote the song in the comfort of her bed with her Mum by her side. Mary offers full transparency on the ongoing emotional abuse she received throughout the relationship. “The process of finishing the track happened so quickly, it was recorded two weeks after it was written, but it’s definitely one of my favorites to date. I love how the song offers emotions from the head and heart which people often get during difficult moments within a relationship. It’s a fun, sad, Folk song.”

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