LISTEN: Maya Elise & The Good Dream Bring Full Pan Stereophonic Sound On Lush “Better Bird”

What starts with a mostly melancholy-sounding finger-picked guitar part on “Better Bird” turns into an unpredictably creative earworm from Oakland’s Maya Elise and the Good Dream. Enter bass thumps, half-tempo snaps, and her tightly harmonizing counterparts to create a light, but phenomenally full gratifying sound. The whole song strongly utilizes a full pan stereophonic sound, but when it drops into the 7/8 time signature accented by the singers trading off vocalizing a single melody it really becomes an experience worth busting out your best set of headphones for. There’s a lightness and sincerity to the whole song accented in the end by Elise laughing through the outro; which honestly may have been considered for a studio fade, but when you hear it you’ll be sure to understand why they kept it in. In short, “Better Bird” has a light-hearted feel that’s still groove driven enough to move to with catchy poetry-forward songwriting, and just enough musical complexity to temper the average cold critic. 

“Better Bird is an invitation into waking up to yourself, over and over again, and pushing through the layers of societal pressure that are constantly telling you to be something else. It’s a reminder to be playful through it all. It tells us that joy, although sometimes hard to access, is a powerful tool that we can’t let go. It takes you to the party where you feel like you don’t belong and reminds you that you are enough. I feel infinitely proud of how we grew this song in the studio, and when I listen I can feel each of our personalities coming through,” says Elise.

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