The Velvet Underground : Velvet Redux: Live MCMXCIII

I am sitting here scratching my head and wondering how 13 years could have flown by so fast. I first heard this recording back in 1993. It does not seem that long ago. The legendary Velvet Underground got back together for a short-lived European tour, which abruptly ended in disappointment before it ever reached this side of the pond. Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, John Cale, and Moe Tucker reformed for this classic performance at the Paris Olympia on June 15, 16, and 17, 1993. Now the audio is digitally remastered for more clarity and depth on Velvet Redux: Live MCMXCIII.

To see the Velvet Underground live in 1993 was a dream come true for this music fan, even if I was not there, this was nearly as good. They are not anything to watch really,as visuals are not their forte. During the performances rarely do you see them smiling, as they were all very serious on stage. Lou Reed could manage an occasional smirk and smile, and you knew he meant it. That is just kind of band they were. The Velvet Underground was very serious about their music and how it sounded on stage and nothing else mattered. The typical on stage antics, costumes, or special effects were not part of the package; it all took a backseat to original music that did not need anything else to enhance it.

Velvet Redux: Live MCMXCIII is an excellent memento to the legacy of The Velvet Underground, which is all about the history, culture, and life in the U.S, which to most viewers, means everything.

Track Listings:

Venus in Furs

White Light/White Heat

Beginning to See the Light

Some Kinda Love

Femme Fatale

Hey Mr. Rain

I’m Sticking With You

I Heard Her Call My Name

I’ll Be Your Mirror

Rock N’Roll

Sweet Jane

I’m Waiting for the Man


Pale Blue Eyes


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

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