Every Tuesday, without fail, I get jammed up at work. Real, actual work. Paycheck work. And that sucks, because as much as I like earning money for a job well-done, I’d much rather hang out with youse guys and talk turkey.

So on each and every Tuesday I’ll be posting a handful of classic YouTube videos to keep your mind off the fact that there’s a lack of fresh copy up on the blog. Today, I present the first installment of videos that make me semi-erect:


We hope you enjoyed the inaugural segment of “Pullin’ ‘Tubes,” and we’ll be right back with some breakdancing right after this…

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  1. Holy Shit- does that mean Chris Robinson is going to turn into Rod Stewart doing “old time standards” – good call- they move alike…

  2. Don’t know which is crazier: the fact that the Japanese band’s instrumental part sounds exactly like moe. or the fact that the vocalist sounds exactly like William Hung! Hidden Track rules!

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