Shapes And Sizes: Shapes And Sizes

Shapes and Sizes, as demonstrated by their self-titled debut, is a band whose focus is on the voice, something akin to Modest Mouse, except they have the appeal of having both a female and a male lead singer. Throughout Shapes and Sizes, voices are not only featured, but reshaped and resized. They function as the rhythm section, create a 3-part a-cappella round, and are employed for effective call and response. And if all that variety of voice isn’t enough, the album is accented with delightfully morbid lyrics and creative instrumentation as well.

For as much fun as they are to listen to, make no mistake, they aren’t a novelty act. Shapes and Sizes are a rock band in the experimental tradition of early Talking Heads and the B-52s. And considering this shapely sound is the result of their first effort, we should expect their size to be bigger in the future.

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