LISTEN: Mike Coykendall Sets Indie Rock Template With Rollicking “I Don’t Know”

An undeniable facet of the indie music world, Mike Coykendall has an impressive rap sheet as an engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and as songwriter. After moving to Portland, Oregon in 1999, Coykendall set up a home studio, where he recorded albums for a myriad of bands, including She & Him, M. Ward, Beth Orton, Richmond Fontaine, Tin Hat Trio, Blitzen Trapper, and Bright Eyes.

Sink into the raucous lead single, “I Don’t Know” from Mike Coykendall’s forthcoming LP, The Dirt and the Dust. Here we find Coykendall in full form, delivering an alt-rock crusher with his keen sense of instrumentation and spacing. Fueled by a warm and pulsing rhythmic push, “I Don’t Know” is a vicious and raw expression that makes Coykendall the one that all artists shall be compared to.

“I found, and still find, “I Don’t Know” to be the most honest answer I can give to many questions. I once thought I knew a little bit more, and I still have some hunches and theories, but they are like unraveling a bag of old thread,” says Coykendall.

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