Dumpstaphunk: Dirty Word


Coming from their hometown of New Orleans, Dumpstaphunk have steadily expanded their sound to achieve global funk success.  Dirty Word is the latest from the band and shows off the professional funkateers in winning fashion. 

“Dancing To The Truth” begins the disk with some restrained slower, syrupy beats while drummer (and newest Dumpsta addition) Nikki Glaspie keeps things minimal with fantastic results behind front man Ivan Neville’s keyboard runs. The groove stays juicy for the title track along with “I Wish You Would” adding instrumental stylings (with limited vocals) via horns and bounce that could go on forever.     

The band recalls their obvious Parliament Funkadelic love with “I Know You Know” combing excellent vocals, horn runs and (most importantly) that get-down-and-dirty funk attitude. The double bass attack of Tony Hall and Nick Daniels III shine bright on “Water” while the metal guitar riffs of Ian Neville add some rock to the sticky funk gumbo on “If I’m In Luck”.  “Blues Wave” mixes in the title genre, name checking Chuck, Muddy, and others as it recalls the boogie-woogie blues, reimagining it in a funky style.   

“Raise The House” is the clearest cut New Orleans track here with contributions from Trombone Shorty, The Rebirth Brass Band and Art Neville, ending the disk with an all-time great  party tune that will ring out for many Jazzfest’s and Mardi Gras’ to come.   
Funk is such a live, communal party experience that great studio albums aren’t all that common in the genre, but Dirty Word makes a bid for greatness with its note perfect playing, loose vibe and smooth vocals. Dumpstaphunk are the current kings of NOLA funk, Dirty Word is proof.  

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