Supersystem: A Million Microphones


El Guapo loses name, gains affinity for the great outdoors.

A tranquil traipse through nature provides the setting for the best this album has to offer, as "The Lake" spills into "Eagles Fleeing Eyries," an enchanting piece where winged creatures squawk in harmony with plucked harp strings. But this bucolic sojourn can’t last forever. Before long, the band takes us back to "The City," somewhat begrudgingly ("there’s no place on earth that’s as crazy). "White Light White Light" starts out like the lovechild of Primal Scream and Kasabian, until the vocals kick in to put that unique Supersystem stamp upon it. Brilliant closing track "Revolution Summer" charts a coming of age scenario from August 1985, when the narrator, as a child, discovers music in the form of "four guys on a roof playing a show" and the experience changes his entire worldview and purpose. Keep shopping, mom and dad. I need to find me some bandmates.

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