OURS – Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 06/12/2013

© Deneka Peniston 2013

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In their recent performance at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City’s grungy Lower East Side, rock band OURS, led by Jimmy Gnecco, illustrated exactly why they are still able to fill concert halls after numerous line-up changes and 20-plus years in the business. Currently touring in support of their newest release, Ballet the Boxer 1, on this night Gnecco and his bandmates crowded onto the Ballroom’s stage and gave a spirited and electrifying performance. The setlist, featuring OURS songs both new and old, oozed with Gnecco’s musical perfectionism and left the impassioned audience of long-time fans mesmerized and begging for more.

OURS opened the show with “Pretty Pain,” one of the most popular tracks from their new album. The grungy rock song served as a formidable introduction to the sound OURS has adopted for their most recent effort, starting with a steady drum beat perfect for head-banging and prominently showcasing heavy guitar riffs alongside Gnecco’s robust and emotional vocals. The band quickly picked up the pace with “Sing,” another new song from Ballet the Boxer 1 that evokes the vocal and musical style of Matt Bellamy and his symphonic rock band Muse. As the band’s set progressed, the careful attention lead man Gnecco and his bandmates put into their music became increasingly apparent. Many of the songs performed live closely paralleled their studio counterparts while sounding even more powerful, a feat difficult for many true rock bands to achieve. Over the course of the night, Gnecco and the rest of OURS rarely missed a note, and their near perfect show served only to draw the audience in even more.

While the band played an enthralling concert, the relationship between Gnecco and the fans was especially fun to watch. Despite the fact that many of OURS’ long-time followers were hearing the band’s new material live for the first time, they took in every moment of music, stomping their feet, banging their heads, and raising their hands high in support as they enjoyed the show. Fans cheered in support as Gnecco shared stories of the band’s long and difficult path to success, and touched upon the process of writing Ballad the Boxer 1. This long-time connection seemed strongest before and after ours performed some of its older songs. Songs like “Here Is The Light” and the single “Sometimes,” both songs from the band’s 2001 release Distorted Lullabies, sent the audience into frenzy and received the warmest ovations of the evening. Though the band’s crisp performance was enjoyable enough, the fantastic relationship between ours and their oldest fans truly carried the show to a higher level.

After finishing their main set, the band opted not to return to the stage for an encore, leaving fans hungry for one more song. Nevertheless, armed with their an exciting skill for performing, an enthusiastic following, and possibly one of their best overall efforts in Ballet the Boxer 1, OURS will be back and ready to rock again soon.

OURS is touring the US throughout July in August, both as headliners and in support of Peter Murphy. Check www.ours.net for specific dates and for details on their new record, Ballet the Boxer 1.

Photo Credit: © Deneka Peniston 2013

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