Pullin’ ‘Tubes: The WhatElseBut? Edition

For this week’s installment we turn south once again, continuing the nonstop coverage of Langerado into which we’ve somehow fallen.

But, for us, the true beauty of the Interweb lies in the ability to live something in reality and then live it all over again online. And for alla’youse that didn’t get a chance to make it down there, we hope all this junk helps bring you at least a little closer to being there with us. Or makes you insanely jealous. Either way.

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A spongeworthy YouTube user named mmanzella has posted some great clips from the festival, and most of them follow below. If you know me at all it’ll come as no clever surprise that I’m leading off with the nine-minute twofer of Faced with Love and Garden Part III from the Tea Leaf Green set on Friday afternoon. I’d prefer the monster Georgie P, but this is an incredible consolation. These guys already had me permanently hooked, but I think they made believers out of lotta people down at the ‘Rado. That makes me smile downstairs.


  • I’ve expressed my love for the My Morning Jacket set in unequivocal terms, and I’m thankful the organizers brought them down to play this year. This video of Wordless Chorus doesn’t quite display the aural sodomy they unleashed on the masses, but it’s pretty damn cool nonetheless
  • And for a look-in on the band that many people call MMJ Lite, here’s The Funeral from Band of Horses’ set on Sunday (the label is debatable, but you can definitely plan for both sides of the debate to state strong cases)
  • I chatted up one security dude by the media tent that was really impressed by Bela Fleck’s set — this tune goes out to him
  • The first sit-in of the festival provided the first “Niiiiice” moment of the festival. The too-much-bass factor messes with the mike a little bit, but here’s a cool video of Assembly of Dust with Victor Wooten
  • This clip doesn’t sound so hot, but that might just be the band. I’m obliged to post this version of First Tube that Trey closed the set with. One comment under the video is kinda ruthless: “what a waste guy just needs to give it up kinda hope he goes to jail and gets raped everyday”

We don’t wish rape on anybody ’round here. Diphtheria, though? All the time.

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  1. So, I’m guessing you didn’t notice that all the classic Jethro Tull tracks on YouTube were just yanked down. THOSE were classic.

    Nice Fleck mention. Bela and his boys are some of the most talented instrumentalists around. Now, if they could only write a song I could hum along to . . .

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