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graveyardloversdreamesThe key line on Graveyard Lovers’ fantastic first full length release comes early in the opening song “Manifesto”, when lead singer Zach Reynolds let’s you in on his one line credo, “Don’t let nothing ever get you low.”  This is uplifting, heavy hitting, rock and roll.

Dreamers, however, is no digital ray of sunshine, there is an eerie Louisiana bayou-at-dusk vibe that floats in an out adding texture, drama and layers to the group’s sound. The harmonica-laced title track is a good example, gloriously staying positive while never slipping into pop. Honest heartfelt lyrics, textured production and gutsy playing save the rocking day.

The stomping power of “Love and Hunger” shows off Tricia Purvis’s heavy drumming while “You and Me” swirls chimes, guitars, yearning vocals and a plinking piano to create a hopeful final product. The blues get proper attention on the slinky “Blessed Are the Ties That Bind” which dips into the swamp only to come roaring out bigger and badder playing as an album highlight. “Piedmont Blues” continues that vibe even expanding the palette with multiple layers of eastern tinged instrumentation.

Besides the fast tempo of “Nameless” most of these songs take their time, running north of the four and half minute mark. Some editing could tighten up ideas and overall flow, but the group has worked hard to create a tone that delivers their sound and style winningly. Ending with the arena ready “Working For the Company” Graveyard Lovers explore big crescendos and echoey vocals both near and far. The band has nailed it with Dreamers – touching on multiple dimensions of rock and roll while staying intriguing and raw.

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