The Devil Makes Three- I’m A Stranger Here


devilmakesthreecdIf you are familiar with The Devil Makes Three then you know the type of energy they are capable of, and they bring more of that on their latest release. At ten tracks and just over 30 minutes, this is a quick album that wastes little time getting to the meat of things. With just enough soul, pizzazz and sass to keep things interesting, I’m a Stranger Here ends up being an interesting album, even if it does fall a bit flat by the end.

There is no shortage of country, bluegrass and ragtime-tinged goodness on this record.” The opening track, “Stranger,” is an up-tempo bluegrass stomper that is the perfect way to begin the record. Similarly, “Spinning Like a Top” is a whirlwind ragtime country track and the same goes for the lively “Mr. Midnight,” while “Dead Body Moving” is some classic furious fiddle-led country that will make you want to dance. The acoustic finale, complete with an echoing chorus of singers, is a nice change of pace, especially since much of the album feels pretty similar.

With this record it’s mostly about the sound and feel of things rather than any specific message. “Hallelu” is a sarcastic take on the traditional Southern spiritual, “Spinning Like a Top” tells a tale of living on the edge at the speed of light, and the banjo-led blues of “A Moment’s Rest” finds beauty in respite and knowing how and where to find it. I’m a Stranger Here is an engaging, quick, good time.

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