Slash Supergroup Kings Of Chaos To Play Los Angeles Show To Aid The Dolphin Project

As philosopher George Santayana once wrote, “The Earth has music for those who listen.” Her song is as beautiful as the wind rustling through the trees and as chaotic as the waves bashing a shoreline. A dove’s coo, a bee’s hum, a kitten’s purr. All are part of nature’s serenade. If you take time to pull off the headphones, shut down the Playstation, turn off The Walking Dead, and stand outside for even a moment, a world of music awaits you.

For former Guns N Roses drummer Matt Sorum, the song of dolphins has filled him with happiness at the same time it coats his heart with sadness. Watching the sleek grey mammals frolic in a cove, jumping into the air with all the playfulness of innocent children, a warmth falls over you as your faith in what nature has given becomes a touchable reality. But in the village waters of Taiji, Japan, the happy squeaks turn into a chilling chorus as the water turns red. It is a scene so sickening to watch, so horrific to hear, that you crumble to your knees in physical pain. It is a scene that rock star Sorum has decided to do all in his power to eliminate.

Hence the concert one week from today on Monday, November 18, 2013, at the Avalon in Hollywood. To help raise awareness and funds for The Dolphin Project, an international organization dedicated to saving dolphins from slaughter and exploitation, Sorum is bringing his supergroup, The Kings Of Chaos, to LA for a one time only US appearance this year. Featuring his former GNR bandmates Slash and Duff McKagan, Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens, vocalists Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple and Corey Taylor of Slipnot and Stone Sour, as well as numerous special guests, the concert will rock the roof off the Avalon as the superstars play two hours worth of their respective bands’ greatest hits.

kings of chaos charity show poster 2013

“I’m thrilled to bring a bunch of heavyweights together for a fun night with fans,” Sorum said when announcing the event. “The main thing is to keep creating awareness for The Dolphin Project and everyone involved.”
Founded in 1970 by Ric O’Barry after watching the death of one of the dolphins he trained and worked with on the sixties Tv show Flipper, he has made this his life’s work to protect the creatures that are acknowledged for being among the most intelligent species in the mammal kingdom. O’Barry was the subject of the 2009 Academy Award winning documentary The Cove, which showcased his work, especially in regards to the annual slaughtering season happening in Taiji, where dolphins are sought out, corralled into the cove and weeded out for sale, with the remaining creatures slaughtered in a blood curdling massacre to be served on plates as a delicacy the world over. Along with his son Lincoln, they also continue their saga via the television program Blood Dolphin$ on Animal Planet.

Earlier this year, Sorum traveled to Taiji with O’Barry and a host of other international activists to see the horrors with his own eyes. He brought along cameras and tweeted multiple reports daily. He wanted his fans to know exactly what was happening as it was happening.

So as Sorum’s campaign to bring awareness to The Dolphin Project continues, a night of rock & roll with some of his closest friends should bring about even more attention; not to mention a fun time and great music.
For tickets to the Kings Of Chaos Dolphin Project Concert
For more information on The Dolphin Project & how to make a donation

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