The Melismatics – Rising Tide


melismaticspicThe Melismatics have put together a spunky collection of tunes that run the gamut of upbeat disco flavored bubble gum rock. The four piece from Minneapolis has been honing their sound for most of the millenium and Rising Tide shows the band is still experimenting while bouncing along.

The dueling male and female vocals of Ryan Smith and Kathie “Pony” Hixon on “Halo” will find a home amongst disco rock fans with its digital bumps. The dance vibe continues on “Delirium” while “Cocoon” manages the best mix of rock/dance with its punchy electro keys. On the downside of that style is “Night Vision” which just feels choppy especially during the bizarre tempo change and screaming lyrics break in the middle.

“If You Want War” is a classic piano ballad that is extremely well written if a touch out of place on the disk which pushes “Looking For Trouble” to the front as the band’s most successful pop tune. The dramatic “Right Place, Wrong Time” sprawls wide with its whistling and should be a showcase for the band live before the title track ends things a bit over cooked with violins and strings.

The production is crisp and clean letting the hooky dance rock shine. There is a clear commercial appeal here with a slew of songs ready for the next teenage reality show or a hip advertisement.

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