Psapp – What Makes Us Glow


psappThe duo Psapp are back making quirky electro based tunes that play with found sounds and odd/invented instrumentation all structured around standard pop filaments; things aren’t artsy for art’s sake rather artsy for pop-sake.

The band hadn’t made music in four years because life got in the way but there is no bad blood between the duo Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant; a sweetness is clearly evident on What Makes Us Glow.

“Wet Salt” starts things with sparse instrumentation putting the warm vocals right in the forefront. Sounds and music are mixed throughout, the ending track “In and Out”” has the foundation of Durant’s apparent snoring as its basis for tempo. It is hard to pick out specifics in the layers of audio adventure, but “Seven” works well with it’s popping chimes, vibraphone and funky digital style.

“The Cruel the Kind and the Bad” waltz’s around lyrics reflecting on a selfish partner in a relationship while “That’s the Spirit” has detached sounding vocals as the music scurrys backwards. Two of the more interesting tracks are the dense “In the Black” with lots of African sounding layers and the groove like trance of “Everything Belongs to the Sun”.

The band remains playful keeping things light but when they dig deeper (“In the Black”, “Everything Belongs to the Sun”) even richer rewards can be found. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take four years for their next release.

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