Mozes and the Firstborn Break Out With “Skinny Girl”

As achild, lead singer Mozes and The Firstborn Melle Dielesen spent countless hours in front of the television watching and rewinding the animated movie, Prince of Egypt. The rather macabre plot, along with the rest of the movie made a deep impression on the young Melle. And several years later, he found himself living in London writing songs. When Melle was in need of a name for this novel musical project, his childhood fascination soared back to him.

Through a mutual acquaintance, Melle met drummer Raven Aartsen and the two young-guns decided to work together to chase their dream of becoming full-time musicians. It was not long after when high school friend and bassist, Corto Blommaert, was recruited to join the duo. Their first EP, I Got Skills, was released shortly after. A year and a half later, guitarist Ernst-Jan van Doorn was added as the fourth member, and consequently, the band reached its final and definite state.

What binds these four members more than anything is their love for downright rock n’ roll, and for proof, look no further than the band’s debut LP out February 11th on Burger Records


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