Phish Utica Setlist and Recap

After last night’s smoker in Augusta, Phish Fall Tour 2010 moved to another small venue this evening – the Memorial Auditorium in Utica, NY.

[Photo by OnlinePhishTour]

The tease trend that started during last night’s Mike’s continued through the first set of Utica as once the band performed Guyute they kept teasing the song’s melody throughout the rest of the opening stanza. An extremely unique Bowie included excursions into both Wilson – which would be played sans ending after Bowie – and Guyute. Also, Wolfman’s included a quote from Trey of Streets of Cairo.

Lyrics were also changed in the monster first set such as “Genesee” replacing “Dry Ice” in a cover of the Talking Heads’ Cities and a Guyute reference which was worked into the “Marco Esquandolas” section of Run Like An Antelope. My Soul, I Saw It Again, Vultures and McGrupp also saw action for the first time this tour during the opening set.

Set two started off with a well-jammed cover of The Who’s Drowned that segued into Sand setting the tone for the improvisation that would follow. More craziness ensued out of a Type II Split Open and Melt that wound its way into the Mighty Diamonds reggae classic Have Mercy. Have Mercy quickly moved into a melodic jam before guitarist Trey Anastasio kicked off Piper. The quartet was clearly in a jamming mood and hit a couple of different jam spaces leading up to the ending of Melt. Tela, Axilla and Birds of a Feather joined Drowned and Have Mercy as the tour debuts of the second set.

10/20/2010 Utica Memorial Auditorium

Set 1: My SoulStealing Time From the Faulty PlanVultures,Wolfman’s Brother[1]Cities[2]GuyuteDavid Bowie[3]Wilson[4] >McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters -> Saw It Again[5]Run Like an Antelope[6]

Set 2: Drowned -> SandTheme From the BottomAxillaBirds of a FeatherTelaSplit Open and Melt[7]Have MercyPiper -> Split Open and Melt[8]Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: Good Times Bad Times,

[1] Streets of Cairo tease from Trey.
[2] Alternate “Genesee Factory” lyric.
[3] Guyute teases during intro; Wilson jamming with Guyute lyrics.
[4] Guyute tease from Trey.
[5] Guyute tease from Trey during outro.
[6] Guyute tease from Trey during intro.
[7] Unfinished.
[8] Finished from earlier in set.

Wolfman’s included a Streets of Cairo tease from Trey. The “dry ice factory” line in Cities was changed to “Genesee factory” referencing a local brewery. Bowie featured Guyute teases throughout the intro as well as several sections of Wilson jamming with Guyute lyrics during the song proper. Wilson, Saw it Again and Antelope all included Guyute teases from Trey.


We’re counting the minutes until what looks to be one of the better shows of the year is made available on Live Phish. Fall Tour continues on Friday night at the Providence Civic Center in Providence, RI.

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15 Responses

  1. One of the reasons for the Guyute-fest was because a guy in the front row was holding a sign that read “GUYUTICA!” Trey clearly saw it when they initially walked out on stage for Set I and even pointed it out.

  2. Wow – Most unique 3.0 setlist.
    Listening to the SB, its evident from first note set 1 that the energy level was second to none and can feel that through the playing

  3. Genesee is local to Rochester, NY not Utica, NY. Utica has FX Matt Brewery which is Saranac and Utica Club.

  4. wow smoking show smoking! Im still call for the Manchester show to be freak still not sold out! My friend got floor seats thru ticketmaster yesterday. I got mine the day they went on sale and they gave me upper deckers wtf

  5. i was a little disappointed that he said genesee instead of saranac. at the end of the first set trey definitely pointed at someone in the front row and said “that was for you”. Man it was hot in that room last night, perhaps why they played drowned “i wanna drown in cold water”

  6. it’s officially progressed from 3.0 to Three.Point.Oh_My!

    ~wow. I was sweatin to the oldies last night!

    i sat rage_side in honor of welcoming Page to Utica for the first time.

    I saw Trey in Utica in 2002, Trey/Mike/Fish in in Utica in 2005 and last night saw Page’s first official Phish stop in Utica and he didnt disappoint.

    Page is definitely showing early signs of Fall Tour MVP..

  7. I was front row for this concert, right next to the guy dressed as the pig in a cowboy hat with the “GUYUTICA” sign.

    When the band first came out, Trey pointed at this guy and laughed. He ensued to add Guyute into almost every song of the set.

  8. utica is home to the fx matt brewery, which is home to saranac and utica club beers. “genesee” might refer to the main street running through the city… but is most definitely not a local brewery.

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