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Page McConnell returns to the stage at noon today to perform a set for WXPN’s World Cafe series. I saw McConnell’s set at moe.down in August and had my interest piqued, but I wasn’t immediately drawn in by the tunes. Some of them have that post-Coventry gloom-and-doom feel, which I just don’t need to hear about anymore.

That being said, I recently received a copy of Page’s self-titled album and it flat out rocks. Songs such as Heavy Rotation and Back In The Basement are long and jammed out bolstered by the bass playing of Mike Gordon. Page uses a vast array of keyboards, pianos, and synthesizers to create a plethera of amazing sounds throughout the release. I think the awesomeness of this album will catch many fans by surprise.

Look for more about the album and the music soon, as both Ace and I will be attending McConnell’s showcase gig on Wednesday.

  • The Allman Brothers Band has announced a new archival release featuring the original lineup
  • Lou Reed will perform at the opening of the Highline Ballroom
  • Crazy Amy Winehouse is my type of girl
  • Geddy Lee of Rush talks fantasy baseball
  • Neddy takes a look back at his experience at a Panic show ten years ago
  • Vusi Mahlasela sings for change
  • Sellaband has an interesting approach to marketing records
  • Another sign that Rock and Roll is back: the new Modest Mouse record debuts at #1
  • The Police announce plans to document their upcoming tour
  • Save money with iTunes new complete my album feature
  • Live Earth is looking for an American venue — may I suggest Shea Stadium?
  • The top ten songs about trains
  • Jack White will play Elvis Presley in a new movie
  • Another summer means another Dave Matthews Band tour
  • Check out the trailer for Neil Young’s Archives Volume 1: 1963-1972 box set
  • Mooney Suzuki will be returning with a new album entitled Have Mercy
  • The Langerado posts continue…check out this awesome recap of the Little Festival That Could from Kitsch Dork

I hope to see either the Allmans or Railroad Earth this weekend. Youseto?

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  1. I like the blog. Also, you should definitely go see Railroad Earth. Especially if you haven’t seen them. They are magical in a live setting.

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