Boot Camp: Live Little Feat

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With Phish covering Little Feat’s double-live album, Waiting For Columbus, last Sunday night at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, there’s been a renewed interest in LF’s music – at least according to the traffic figures for our old posts about that band. As such, we wanted to point you in the direction of four fantastic live recordings from the group’s ’70s hey-day.

Thirty-five years to the day before Phish covered WfC, Little Feat threw down one of their best performances ever at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, MA. In David Fricke’s essay found within the Phish Halloween Playbill, keyboardist Page McConnell mentions this bootleg was his introduction to the band.

For a taste of the band’s early days, check out this radio program they taped at the Ultra Sonic Studios in Hempstead, NY back in 1973. On Your Way Down is particularly smokin’…

A string of seven performances from August 1977 made up Waiting For Columbus. One of these shows, from London’s Rainbow Theater, is on the Live Music Archive and this soundboard recording features many songs that didn’t make the album such as Skin It Back and Walking All Night…

We finish with the last show from the Lowell George-era on the Live Music Archive – a soundboard recording from a performance in Grand Rapids, MI on October 14th, 1978. Future Little Feat singer Craig Fuller joins George et al for a raging Feats Don’t Fail Me Now and this boot also contains essential versions of Fatman In The Bathtub and Spanish Moon as well as a pretty Willin’ sandwich with Don’t Bogart That Joint as the filling.

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2 thoughts on “Boot Camp: Live Little Feat

  1. Todd Reply

    great idea! as a long time little feat fan, i’m sure a lot of phish fans will be wanting to learn more about this amazing band now… halloween just re-ignited a long love affair w/ a severely underrated band. and obv. phish SMOKED their cover of waiting for columbus!

  2. Rich Reply

    I was in college during their late 70’s heyday. Bought Waiting For Columbus when it came out. They were a great live band and is seemed on the verge of hitting big when Lowell died.

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