Phish Fall Tour 2010 Survey Results

Highlight of Tour

As with most tours, it takes a couple of shows to shake off the rust, put it together and stitch a gem together. Utica, Manchester,  Saturday Atlantic City and Halloween are the expected and actual top vote getters.  It will be interesting to see if any of the others, like Augusta, Providence  and particularly Charlestown II  grow on people. They, too, garnered quite a few votes and are worthy of being lumped in with the top vote getters as exemplary shows.

Song from “Waiting for Columbus” Most Hope Returns to Rotation

Spanish Moon? Willin’? Fat Man in the Bathtub? Which tune will Phish make its own over the coming years?  Hopefully several on this list as many have the hallmarks of a quintessential Phish tune: jam vehicle, great vibe and room for each band member to shine.

Darkside of the Moon

The White Album

Remain in Light



Exile on Main Street

Waiting for Columbus

Well, one thing is clear looking at the all of the seven albums in the rich history of the album cover: they are universally very well received. Even with some of the classic and extraordinary versions of albums that have been covered, Waiting for Columbus comes out right at top.

Adding together all the “Four” and “Most Enjoyable” responses, the all time ‘enjoyment’ ranking for the albums is thus:

Ranked from “Least Enjoyable” to “Most Enjoyable”

  1. Quadrophenia 27
  2. Loaded 33
  3. Darkside of the Moon 45
  4. Exile on Main Street 49
  5. White Album 49
  6. Waiting for Columbus 61
  7. Remain in Light 64

It was a little surprising that Waiting for Columbus resonated so well with the fans with likely one of the lowest ratios of people that had heard that particular album prior to Phish covering it. Less than 40% of respondents had listened to the classic album. It will be interesting to see if the there is an up-tick in the album’s sales in the coming weeks and months.

Three Words to Describe Halloween Show

Of the 3,000+ words used, the ones used most often (and variants based upon capitalization) are larger in this “Wordle”. You could string together a variety of phrases capturing the spirit of the responses: “fun fucking dance party”, “tight fucking awesome funky shit show”, etc. All the responses here: THREE WORDS

Most Memorable

Guyutica? Zeppelin? Manchester’s Reggae nod? Halloween set? All memorable. All captured quite a few votes but the Saturday Zeppelin set gets the nod.

Best Segue

For some, nothing makes a show and set more enjoyable than when the band is nailing the segues. Fortunately, this tour had a handful of perfectly gorgeous, and perfectly executed segues.

Although  there were only eight options here, there likely could have been many more that would have received votes.

Best Encore

It’s not always about the bust-out, the cover or the gimmick. Sometimes it’s just a staple from the repertoire played absolutely gorgeously with twists and turns that left you on the edge of your seat waiting to see where the song was going. Such was the case with Augusta’s Reba. If you have not yet listened to that, do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

Most Memorable Mike’s

Although Mike’s was getting a touch stagnant  in 2009, it clearly roared back with a fierceness that Mike’s Song hadn’t seen in quite some time this past tour. Manchester’s version with Simple, Night Nurse & Makisupa stitched together with a unique Weekapaug and a Llama reprise was stunning.

Favorite Debut (non-Halloween)

Not many debuts this time around. Although My Problem Right There didn’t set the world on wire out of the gates, it grew on a lot of people and seems to have quite a bit of potential.

Best Bust-Out

In another nod to the great Manchester show, After Midnight thrilled the most upon its return. Although several of the others would certainly also be welcome additions to shows in the coming tours.

How Many Shows did you see this Fall?

Increased Ticket Price…but you get the mp3’s?

Split across the board. In the entire scheme of show travel, hotel, food, beer, ticket price and other expenses, $10 is probably a mere speck in the dent that Phish tour leaves in many people’s wallets. Yet 500+ people either thought it was bothersome or a major bummer. 700+ didn’t even notice or felt that it was a fair trade. The only true indicator will be ticket sales in the future. Manchester not sold out? Was it the few extra dollars tipping the scales?

Ticket Availability

Did the smaller venues and increased prices make for a more difficult ticket?

Smaller Venues?

I lied on the first question (Best Tour), being the biggest lopsided answer. An equally high percentage of fans simply loved the intimacy of the venues: 83%. Was this a “one off”? Or will we see some more stops on the old stomping grounds during future tours? Time will tell.

Atlantic City

Phish made their inaugural stop at one of the sleaziest, crime ridden, down trodden and depressed cities on the East Coast. How did the fans enjoy this den of inequity?

Looks like the late night hours, hookers, booze and debauchery didn’t bother too many. Atlantic City: Bring it on again!


In what was seemingly a non-stop point of discussion and ever present sound emanating from the Ocelot during the summer tour, Trey’s “Whale” seemingly vaporized this fall. Half didn’t notice, one third was happy to see it go, and a little more than 10% of fans missed it.

Tour MVP

Wow! What a difference a tour can make. Compare these results to Summer Tour:

Coral Sky

Song Most Likely to Hear on Holiday Run NOT Heard so Far in 2010

I think some mistook “most likely” for “most desired” with answers like Lushington, Prep School Hippie and Guy Forget all received. Nevertheless, I hope those come to pass. Without adding up the answers, looks like a lot of choices of Mound, TMWSIY, Auld Lang Syne, Scents and Peaches. All answers here: LIST

Phish Resolution

Common themes: fucking scalpers in the ass, keep touring, Midwest/West Coast, bustouts, jams, keeping GA, practice, Europe, festivals and funk. ALL ANSWERS HERE

There’s some pretty funny answers in there, be sure to check them out!

As always, thanks for taking the time to fill out the survey, stay well and see you next tour!

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9 Responses

  1. loved the smaller venues, except the bathroom lines. These older venues are ill equipped to deal with the excessive alcohol sales and the long bathroom lines this produces. People pissing on the floor, in the corners, in the gartbage cans and sinks. It was obvious that a large portion of the phish scene was never properly potty trained. No wonder everyone i knew came home with the wOOk flu. Absolutely disgusting. Either play venues with restrooms big enough for the demand, cut back on alcohol sales, or have phish sell diapers and depends at the merch stands.

  2. surprised by the lack of love for Charleston II.. way better than 10/30 in my opinion.. (maybe it’s because i’ve never been a big Zeppelin guy)

  3. JRapp: totally agree, Charleston ii & Augusta both should have received a ton more votes. frankly, I may prefer Augusta over Utica. blessed that we have so many good ones to choose from this tour.

    potty trained: say what? I saw absolutely ZERO to which you refer. I saw pretty darn respecting crowds and no issues with venue security or people pissing anywhere but toilets. was this Utica? I did not happen in PVD, Manch, Augusta, AC or ZooMass from what I saw. Perhaps just trolling? anyway….

    anyway, another surprise result: the album rankings? who’d have thunk Darkside wasn’t higher? I loved to see what everyone else thought of the prior albums: very cool

  4. @dugee- not trolling. ask anyone who was at the charleston shows about the horrendous restroom conditions. it was not fun nor sanitary.

  5. 10/30 was the greatest show ever…hands down. Balph and I owned that joint. Greatest weekend in the history of weekends.

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