Video: From The Byrds To The Eagles

Back in 2007, the BBC Four produced a documentary called Hotel California – From The Byrds To The Eagles that traced the history and lineage of Laurel Canyon’s folk and country-rock scene as the title suggest – from The Byrds all the way up to The Eagles. The entire doc was recently uploaded to YouTube and features some fantastic archival concert footage as well as new interviews a bunch of the scene’s major players such as David Crosby, Graham Nash and David Geffen.

The YouTube player is set up like a playlist, so when the first clip stops the next clip will automatically start. Enjoy…

From The Byrds To The Eagles

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  1. Jesus … just stumbled across this, July 2011, and spent the last ninety minutes reliving my life as a listener/dancer/lover of that music as it happened. Lucky me. Old me.

    It’s an incredible piece of work … that I think only the British could have written/produced. With maybe a semi-bogus focus on Laurel Canyon — like San Francisco wasn’t also happening, hello? Wear some flowers in your hair? … but terribly effective.


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