Cover Wars: Buckets Of Rain

Redheaded chanteuse Neko Case not surprisingly goes the country route with her cover. This version, which come from her 2007 release Live From Austin, TX, features Case’s sublime vocals supported by some great slide-guitar work and simple percussion from her backing band.


Chris Wood is best known for his work as the bass player for avant-jazz-groovers Medeski, Martin & Wood, but in his spare time he plays with his brother Oliver in the aptly named roots-rock band The Wood Brothers, whose bluesy version of the song can be found on their 2008 album Loaded.


David Gray’s version comes from his 2007 digital-only, live covers compilation A Thousand Miles Behind, which is actually a line from Dylan’s One To Many Mornings,  that’s available exclusively through Gray’s official website.


Wow, who knew we’d mention Bette Midler twice not only in the same month, but in the same column! Midler’s take, featured on her third studio album, Songs For The New Depression, strays the furthest from the original with an uptempo version that falls somewhere between a rock song and Broadway show tune and is actually a duet with Mr. Zimmerman himself.


The late, great Vic Chesnutt slowed the song down to beautiful crawl for his version, which appears on the covers heavy soundtrack for the television show Crossing Jordan.


Finally, Mary Lee’s Corvette ambitiously covered Blood On The Tracks in its entirety live back in 2001 at New York’s Arlene’s Grocery as part of their Classic Albums Nights. The results were released on CD, according to the liner notes as a result of a huge demand after a copy of the show was sent to among other places, the website Dylan Cover.


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9 thoughts on “Cover Wars: Buckets Of Rain

  1. The Mad Hatter Reply

    I know you can never catch all the cover versions of songs, but I was really floored by Fistful of Mercy’s version of this tune when I saw them this spring. Check it here:

  2. Jeffrey Greenblatt Reply

    Thanks for pointing that out Mad Hatter – didn’t even know those guys covered it, definitely dug it though!

  3. MichaelJordon Reply

    Mary Lee’s Corvette!! Wow…that version is a stunner! Good find.

  4. JAMROCK Reply

    Hidden Track needs to listen to Phil and Phriends from 2/12/2006 at the Beacon… Trey Anastasio + Joan Osborne guests.

  5. Gumption Reply

    Always loved Bette Midler’s duet with Mr. Dylan. It holds a special place in my heart.

  6. Ernie Pancsofar Reply

    My favorite – Dave van Ronk – unfortunately not on your list

  7. Jeffrey Greenblatt Reply

    @jamrock – was considering including that version, but don’t think P&F covered Buckets Of Rain other than that show

  8. MightyIcculus Reply

    Great Covers Wars this week! Had no clue about the Bette Midler and Bob duet. It’s great stuff!

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