HT Baseball Preview: Brownie’s Yankees

SB: Are you a Jason Giambi fan?

MB: Giambi is great, he’s one of my favorites. I wish the other guys who juiced came out and admitted their mistake. I’ve made mistakes. I mean I’ve never taken steroids but people probably think stuff I’ve taken in the past is bad.

SB: What do you think about the Yankees outfield?

MB: I love the Melky situation, and I love Bobby Abreu. The whole vibe of Abreu fitting in is terrific. Everyone has been taking more pitches. Living in Philly I smiled when all the Phillies fans were excited to get rid of Abreu.

SB: Did you have an opportunity to meet Bernie Williams at the 2nd Annual Jammy Awards ceremony?

MB: Oh yeah…that was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Bernie and I got to hang out alone for about 20 minutes and we just jammed a bit and chatted. That was amazing.

SB: I’ve heard from a number of a people that you are a big Phish fan. These days not many musicians cop to that.

MB: I’m not afraid to say it. You can be too cool for school or you can be real. I like Phish, big fucking deal. The other day my friend Berkowitz and I took a road trip. He put on the Decemberists and then Wilco, after a while I was like “enough” and we put on Rift.

Many thanks to Brownie for taking the time to speak with us about the season. We hope to check in with him at the All-Star break, and at the end of the season, to discuss how the year turned out for the Bombers. The Biscuits will head to Chicago in a few weeks to take part in the Green Apple Music & Arts Festival.

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  1. He put on the Decemberists and then Wilco, after a while I was like “enough” and we put on Rift.

    Great quote

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