The Royal Tenenbrahs Saga Continues…

Much ado was made over the youthful inexperience of the Umphrey’s crowd after this picture popped up on message board after message board, culminating with an epic thread over at Phantasy Phish that referred to the kids up front as The Royal Tenenbrahs. And while I disagree with much of the overall tone of the thread’s content, even I had to laugh at that.

Recently, I saw a thread on an Umphrey’s message board urging me to check out a video of some guy’s band playing an Umphrey’s song.

I’m always down for checking out the future cover artists of America, so I gave it a spin. Not too bad, and in fact, the guitar players are pretty damn ripping. I decided to check out the band’s Myspace page and check out a few pictures: Turns out, they all look 15 or 16 years old.


Then I noticed the kid with the red hair that is playing the more difficult passages and thought, “Hey, that guy kinda looks familiar.” I thought maybe I had seen him at a show or something, somewhere. Then it hit me: “Holy shit, that’s the teenaged redhead smoker from the Tenenbrahs! (front right corner)


At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but then I looked at another picture of these guys:


Sure enough, it’s him. The teenage smoker on the rail’s got a pretty good band. And the story of The Royal Tenenbrahs continues. Next thing you know, the 13 year old kid in the Dead tie-dye is gonna be running for Congress.

So many people poke fun at Umphrey’s for having a really young fanbase, but screw those shitheads. I wish I could shred like that when I was 15 or 16, or however old these kids are in actuality. I wish I could play a great Miss Tinkles Overture and stand in the front row at killer rock shows when I was that age. Listen haters, the kids are all right!

Today’s jambands were fans of bands first, and these guys could be the future one day. So just remember this in a Wyld Stallyns kind of way: We were the ones who told you about Tribute to Whigg way back when. We are your Rufus.

And if you think those fans are young, check out the next generation of Umphrey’s fans rockin’ out down the pipeline…


Oh yeah, the kids are all right.

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  1. well played.

    I’m glad being a teen at Phish shows I wasn’t exposed to the kind of immature spewings of the childish headier than thou hypocrites that I have to sift through these days…

    the children are our future.

    in the immortal words of Bill S. Preston, Esq., and “Ted” Theodore Logan…
    Be excellent to each other.

  2. Awesome story. Great detective work too!

    So true what you say.. these guys have potential if they are studying the licks of Jake and Brendan at this early age.

    Current and/or future hipsters!

    Another VERY well written piece.

  3. Awesome write up. I honestly never thought that by posting our videos up we would get this article written about us. It’s great to know that there are people who repect the “younger audience” without pre-judging them first, and I hope this will change more peoples views on the subject. Thanks again

    Love live Tribute to Whigg

  4. Well said, McL…nothing worse than the jaded vets ruining the good times of the youngsters. I was seven days into my 16th year on earth the first time I saw Phish — braces, flannel shirt, stupid haircut. I looked maybe 14. And you know what, everything turned out all right, and I didn’t ruin anyone’s good time. We’re all young once, and we’re all newbs once…embrace it. I’m glad kids still listen to good music and not all the shit that’s out on the radio. The kids are indeed allright…

    Jeff, let this be a lesson: You never know what you’re gonna get on the Internets. A little post of your videos can land you on a music website, or in a predator’s basement. Good luck with the band, and send me some shirtless pics…

  5. maybe we can get them to a do a shirtless cover of Rock and Roll Part II for ya, Ace 😉

    (hell, why not just have ’em do the whole pedophile medley. Today is the anniversary and all)

  6. Jeff,

    Any truth to the rumor that the half-man/half-bear making the “hook’em horns” sign behind you started a fledgling jamband with the pit-stain on the kid with the green shirt and old timey cubs hat standing next to the trio of North Shore rich girls who might one day own patchwork pants but never take the next step of declining to shave their legs? Aren’t they called BearSweat? I heard they do a mean cover of “Hip to Be Square”!

    Also, your mom told me to tell you for the last time to stop smoking. Remember what happened to Uncle Ted?


    Lon Kruger

  7. that kid in the last picture was sitting, err rather ROCKING OUT front of me with the bisco dudes during the GRAB / Phil show at Jones Beach. He was definitely the most on-beat member of the crowd, pumping those fists (and pointing at Trey) the entire show. Quite impressive the rhythm this kid had. No kidding, everybody around us was impressed with his skillz…

  8. Jeff,

    If your video sucked this article would have been much less exciting and killed my argument, so indeed the thanks goes to you.

    Keep us updated on your progress and come play in New York. If you can impress the local jaded hipsters you can make it anywhere.

  9. this is a way better internet coincidence than the “I’m from Chicaaaaago” northshore girls that flapped their mouths through my Toad’s Place show and then one happened to be on the Bort.

    if they could only play a raging tinkle’s with their drunk lips… this world would surely be a better place.

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