HT Giveaway: New Year’s Weekend @ Brooklyn Bowl – Drive-By Truckers & KDTU

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[Last Chance to Enter!]

With New Year’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, there’s an extra night to rock out over New Year’s Weekend. Brooklyn Bowl takes advantage of the three-day weekend with a full slate of concerts, fried chicken and bowling.

The action starts with a sold-out Drive-By Truckers show on Thursday, December 30th, continues with three sets of The Roots on New Year’s Eve – also sold out – and finishes up with a Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe dance party on New Year’s Day. If that’s not enough, Yo Gabba Gabba fave Biz Markie spins after the Truckers leave the stage on the 30th.

While the intimate Drive-By Truckers’ performance on the 30th may be sold out, we’ve got your shot to get in, as HT has three pairs of DBT tickets to give away as part of our Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program. If that’s not enough, we also have three pairs of ducats for the KDTU show on New Year’s Day. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us what you have planned for New Year’s Eve and whether you’re looking to win the Truckers tickets, the KDTU tickets or both. Those found entering more than once will be tarred and feathered. All entries must be received by December 22nd at 11:59PM EST. We’ll pick the winners randomly shortly thereafter. Good luck!

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58 thoughts on “HT Giveaway: New Year’s Weekend @ Brooklyn Bowl – Drive-By Truckers & KDTU

  1. Ben Reply

    I have no plans at the moment, but I want those Truckers tix!

  2. Eli Reply

    Gonna party like 2012!!!…Duh i want both!!

  3. rj Reply

    I’d love those DBT tix, I had to cancel a snowboarding trip and will be working all week. this would numb that pain.

  4. Malkin Reply

    Unless MSG tix miraculously come our way, the lovely lady and I will most likely stay in, cook an over-the-top meal, and enjoy a little too much champagne.

    Hoping to catch either the Truckers or KDTU!

  5. Dave Reply

    Either tix would be swell!!

  6. Joe K. Reply

    If I win the DBT tix, I’ll pretend I don’t have a two-year-old boy at home and party like I used to. Sigh.

  7. Nate Reply

    Throwing my own party on NYE, but i would love to see the Truckers the night before…

  8. Shawn McConnell Reply

    I have no plans 4 nye but it’s my birthday sat 18th and it would b an AWESOME bday present!!! I just want the tix please..happy holidays

  9. Karen Reply

    I’ll be home with the kids for NYE, listening to music and sipping some whiskey.

    Would love some Truckers tickets to have something to reminisce about with the husband…

  10. davidp Reply

    Truckers – 30th
    Phish – 31st
    ????? – 1st (hopefully KDTU – hook me up!)


  11. nipsyco Reply

    Truckers tickets! I’m making money on NYE by taking a gig right around the corner from Time Square. Gotta admit that the police do a good job of keeping all the people crazy enough to watch the ball drop in person (even if your 7 blocks away) safe & contained, but the aftermath is a horror show!
    Zombiesque, drunken n stoned people littered everywhere trying to grab a taxi, a bike, a skateboard or anything to get home. It was like a “Day Of The Dead” movie set! Thank god Zombies usually walk slow so u can just push them outta the way or go around them! They even got in the bass players cars when he pulled up in grab his gear n load up. He was “WTF”! “Why r u sitiing in my car?” “I thought you were a taxi” replied the drunk person. “Get the F**K OUTTA MY CAR” replied the bass player from Brooklyn!
    Anyhoo…Love the DBT and would love a little RnR Sanity b4 i have my
    bit of Insanity on NYE.
    Happy Holidays,
    Brooklyn, NY

  12. Fleet Reply

    Dear HT,

    I am a Navy Pilot (in training) heading to the Big Apple with family and friends. Last time I was there was in May for Fleet week, where several Navy ships pull into port. It was a great weekend to say the least, but I expect this trip to be even better.

    How is that possible, you ask? Isn’t it every sailor’s dream to be oogled over by fine Manhattan ladies in the city that never sleeps? Well, I’ll tell you how… By scoring tickets to all 3 nights of Phish at the Garden, baby!

    Now, I must inquire Hidden Track…

    Can you provide the cherry on top with KDTU tickets? 🙂

    I’ll give you a ride in my jet…, seriously!

  13. Ted Reply

    I’ll be saying good bye to a year of great shows, and memories of lost friends. Hopefully smiling, doing shots, and playing the air guitar @ the truckers show, and getting funky With KDTU. Looking for buckets of mercy!

  14. Howlinwolf Reply

    Hey Hidden Track –
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair for this upcoming great gig which I currently do not have tiickets for.
    Anyways, have my cousins in from California and looking forward to showing them around the East Village and watching them freeze their asses off! My good friends from Columbus, OH are also coming in and attending the show. It will be great to head to Brooklyn and show them around also.NYE has us rooting on the Georgia Bulldogs @ 3:30pm, then getting over to City Winery for the 7:30pm Los Lobos show. After that it’s uptown to the Auto District to see the beloved DBT at Term 5.
    When that is all said and done, hopefully we can get a cab down to Sullivan’s Hall for the late show with Anders Osbourn. Nothing but good rock n roll for NYE.
    Rock on and Happy New Year !

  15. Sarah Henderson Reply

    Going to be at the DBT show on NYE in NYC, and would love to get a hold of a pair of DBT tix for Brooklyn, please!

  16. Luke Reply

    Would love to win the Truckers tickets. For NYE, I’ll be at the Terminal 5 show. Where else would I be?

  17. Shayne Reply

    I have a nice evening in planned with my pregnant wife and our 2yo for NYE. I will smoke some babyback ribs and make my great-great Aunt Phyllis’s mac & Cheese recipe. That leaves me wideopen for 12/30 and 1/1 and I dig both DBT’s and KDTU and would love to see either.


  18. DBT new fan Reply

    DBT tickets!!

    Will be spending NYE out on the town in manhattan at one of the overpriced/overcrowded all-inclusive deals; therefore, I want to have a killer time on 12/30 with DBT and brooklyn bowl (my favorite venu)!! I was sooo bummed when I found out it was sold out. Recently a HUGE fan and my boyfriend has been itching in his seat to see them play for a while and wont shut up about it. Never won tickets before so this would be a fabulous surprise from HT to me! Please please!!

  19. jim testa Reply

    I’ll be spending new year’s with friends at a party in queens.

    Dbt tickets!

  20. John Dachik Reply

    I will spend NYE recovering from seeing Drive By Truckers show at Brooklyn Bowl on the 30th courtesy of the good folks at Hidden Track. (hint, hint)

  21. Kelly Reply

    NYE = champagne and ridiculousness as yet undetermined

    I’d love to win Drive By Truckers tickets though. Would be the perfect xmas gift for the boyfriend.

  22. reverenddave Reply

    NYE will be spent screaming along to Zip City at the truckers show at T5. Of course I couldnt buy that ticket in time to get in on the Brooklyn Bowl presale cause I was waiting to find out if I could get the time off. So now Im scrambling to get a ducat to my favorite band at new york’s best venue to make a real weekend of it.

  23. BigTom Reply

    Sitting at home with family listening to the simulcast of the New Year’s Eve DBT show on Sirius Outlaw Country and wondering why the picture you have up of DBT is not recent? Where’s Jay Gonzalez? He has been in the band for well over a year now.

  24. Adam Reply

    Hopefully I will spend New Years Eve thanking the stars above for letting me see the DBT at Brooklyn Bowl given that I have had such a crappy year.

  25. rich zweiback Reply

    my plans on nye will revolve around pacing the rooms of my house waiting for my 16 year old daughter to get home from whatever godforsaken party she will be at.

    The 3oth would be my chance to be irresponsible.

  26. Heather Reply

    I’ll be spending my New Year with the Mule for the first time since my son was born almost 3 years ago. Hoping to finish up the weekend at KDTU (thanks again to his Auntie Laura for taking him for the weekend!!).

  27. Rob Reply

    I will be laying low at home on New Years Eve, five short blocks away from Brooklyn Bowl, because I can’t get a babysitter. It sure would be awesome to celebrate one night early with DBT, though.

  28. Brian Reply

    Would rather go out the night before New Years to see DBT. Saw them back in 2001 first at Brownies . Was bummed this show sold out. Can’t hack the drunk and obnoxious on New years eve. Gonna spend it with family that night.

  29. Lydia Reply

    I am going to see Anders Osborne on New Year’s. Wanted to go see Drive-By as well, but my friends will be at Anders so I chose to go there. The plan was to go see Drive-By the night before, but it sold out before I could get tickets. So I guess you know which tickets I’d like – please send me to Drive-By!

  30. Kari Reply

    Heading up to NYC for the holiday weekend from sweet home Virginia! Need those DBT Brooklyn Bowl tickets to make the treck past the Mason-Dixon spectacular!

  31. Sabrina Reply

    I’m not 100% what my plans are yet for NYE. I’ve considered working, I bartend & my boss asked if I want to work. I could make some extra money, we are having 5 bands that night. I have been looking to craigslist for tickets to DBT @ Terminal 5. Or maybe Los Lobos. I do know I plan on heading to a pre-party with some work friends over in Gowanus. That’s the only solid plans. …would definitely love to be able to go to Bklyn Bowl though, so I have my fingers crossed! Happy Holidays Y’all!

  32. Travis Reply

    Flying up all the way from Jacksonville, Florida to see DBT, the best Southern rock band since Lynyrd Skynyrd, which is also from Jacksonville, Florida. I’ll bring the Southern rock pedigree; you guys just have to supply the tickets!

  33. PennyLane Reply

    I will be (of course) seeing my favorite band, DBT, at Terminal 5. I wouldn’t miss it for the world but would LOOOOOOOVE to go to the Brooklyn Bowl on Thurs but wasn’t able to get tix. BB is one of my favorite venues. I’m a local (originally from Ohio) who wasn’t able to get tix. Please pick me! Thank you.
    -forever yours in Drive-by Trucker’hood’

  34. Charlie Reply

    I will be spending NYE at home with my two daughters and my beautiful wife. But since daddy needs a drink, he’d like to be at DBT on 12/30…

  35. Kevin Montavon Reply

    Heading to NYC to see DBT at Terminal 5. My friend that we are staying with in the East Village did not get tickets to Brooklyn Bowl, so it would be nice to win them for him as a little “Christmas Gift” in exchange for his hospitality. Can’t wait for NYC and DBT!

  36. Dave Reply

    I plan to drink. A lot.

    Which is also what I plan on doing if I win DBT tickets.

  37. Michael Reply

    Currently clueless about nye. Would love a pair of tickets for DBT on 12/30

  38. Alisa Reply

    NYE hopefully not working in Times Square. Love to be back in Wburg to see DBT!

  39. Mike Hayes Reply

    DBT rocks!!! Would love to head to the big apple to see the guys & gal.

  40. Cher Reply

    I’m just thankful to have survived another year. A new apartment, an upgraded job, a failed relationship. It’s the goods and bads that keep ya going. So this nye I’m gonna go see the ones who will know how to make alright….cause as DBT always says “IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE.” 🙂

  41. Marina Reply

    We really do not have anything planned
    for NYE as of yet,,We just thought we would
    have a warm and cozy evening at home but man
    if we win this NYE with the Drive By Truckers
    contest Im sure we would definately add the show
    to our schedule. We love DBT and heck yeah
    “It`s Great To Be Alive” !!!~ <3

  42. Mike Harten Reply

    Hoping to get out of a family party and get to the truckers at T 5 for NYE!!! I am a huge trucker fan, and would love a chance to see them again.

  43. Hypes Reply

    Hoping to be at the NYE DBT show vs. serving cocktail weenies and chix wings at a family party. Now I love my family, but I gotta see them truckers.

  44. Mike F. Reply

    An old friend who I haven’t seen in a dozen years is coming into town on 12/30. He turned me on to DBT years ago and I wanted to take him to the NYE show, but he already had plans. So I made plans myself, and naturally he called me the next day telling me that his NYE had fallen through. I can’t change my NYE plans (family obligations) and Brooklyn Bowl is sold out, so I figured we’re hosed. This contest looks to be our only shot to see the band together.

  45. Meredith Reply

    I need those dagblamed DBT tickets. I am a cranky old hillbilly that rarely goes out to see shows, and then finally DBT is coming to THE BOWL; but no, it is sold out and now I can’t get in. So unless you give me the tickets, me and my husband will stay home and humiliate the pets by dressing them in children’s clothes and posting their photos on facebook. Show mercy and save our dog’s and cat’s dignity.

  46. Dan Reply

    going to phish on nye (but don’t have tickets for 12/30 or 1/1), i would take either dbt or kdtu – both will definitely be fun!

  47. John Reply

    To have a Phish and DBT weekend would be sweet!! Some Cooley and Trey..

  48. shaneo Reply

    as of now i have squat planned for new years, maybe other than ordering phish’s pay per view. either of those would be outstanding to take this girl im talking to too, she loves both

  49. Shane Reply

    as of now i have squat planned for new years, maybe other than ordering phish’s pay per view. either of those would be outstanding to take this girl im talking to too, she loves both

  50. Hypes Reply

    going to the truckers

  51. ken Reply

    NYE at Terminal 5.

  52. ScooterPie Reply

    I’d like to get to know that pumpkin headed bass player, she’s country.

  53. ScooterPie Reply

    Punkin’ headed girl, yer country. Truckers all the way. NYE will be spent down the shore with my own punkin’ headed girl and several friends, noshing and toasting the new year.

  54. maggie Reply

    Mags wants to go see those truckers.

  55. chuck Reply

    need to see those truckers on one of these stops.

  56. joni Reply

    sipping champagne

  57. Rob Reply

    Driving to see the truckers on a whim… if not, working a miserable, sad sack restaurant job.

  58. MikeDog Reply

    I’ll be in NYC!


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