Phish Worcester Setlist: Night One

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Phish @ DCU Center (The Centrum), December 27th

Phish kicked off a five-show NYE Run tonight at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. At the group’s first of two performances at the venue formerly known as The Centrum, Phish delivered two mostly standard sets filled with songs that referenced the previous day’s weather, which made getting to the show difficult for many fans.

[Photo by Andy Hill]

The quartet came out of the gates with Sample In A Jar and Funky Bitch before dusting off Cool It Down (Velvet Underground) for the first time since November 28, 2009. Phish also offered the second version of the Mike Gordon-penned What Things Seem, which was debuted in Broomfield, CO back in October. There wasn’t much in the way of jams during the first set of the run and the second set featured more of the same.

12/27/2010 DCU Center

Set 1: Sample in a JarFunky BitchCool It DownRoggaeHeavy ThingsWhat Things SeemRoses Are FreeIt’s IceMountains in the MistJulius

Set 2: Mike’s SongMoundWeekapaug GrooveFarmhouseSeven BelowWhat’s the Use?Twenty Years LaterWading in the Velvet SeaPossumCavernDavid Bowie

Encore: Loving Cup,


Smack dab in the middle of Mike’s and Weekapaug for the first time in the song’s history, Mound reappeared after 74 shows and continued a Winter Theme  trend started by Cool It Down and It’s Ice. Speaking of winter-themed songs, Seven Below featured a nice bit of improvisation before seguing into What’s The Use? A string of heavy rotation originals – Wading in the Velvet Sea, Possum, Cavern and David Bowie ended the second stanza. Cavern contained a lyric change as Trey subbed in “boots” for “shoes” in the “whatever you do, take care of your shoes” line.

Filling the encore slot for the 11th time since Hampton was a cover of Loving Cup by the Rolling Stones. Phish returns to the DCU Center tomorrow night.

Did you hit this show? What did you think of the run opener?

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16 thoughts on “Phish Worcester Setlist: Night One

  1. B-Rad Reply

    Looks like a throw-away show on paper. Glad I didn’t dig my car out for this one. Disjointed song selection makes for confused crowd.

  2. crybaby Reply

    wah! Throw it away. Musta totally SUCKED having to be at this show! This show, on paper SMELLS, and smelling that paper thru my computer screen makes it a DOUBLE STINKTURD RAINBOW of a SHOW! I usually/always have the best first opinion of immediately concluded shows.

  3. Matt Reply

    Just got home. Most boring Phish show I’ve ever seen.

    Yawns all around.

  4. Beaver Reply

    I have to agree with Matt. I just got home and wish that I had never left. Totally uninspired. I have never been bored at a Phish show before….guess there’s a first time for everything 🙁

  5. Matt Reply

    In my experience there is no way to tell a Phish show on paper.

    Phish fans are so experienced with the music, that sometimes we can get caught up in comparisons, or the show we want to see, and miss the incredible spectacle that is unfolding. I agree that some shows take you to a place that is more incredible than others, but every show I have seen in the past 2 years has been a beautiful experience.

    After potentially getting stranded in some airport for the night, it was amazing to be able to be there. There were a few highlights that were really great, and most of the show, while not mindblowing, was a ton of fun. Personally I havent seen a show since the break-up that could be called anything close to boring.

    They were playing well, and while not the best show I have ever seen, it was a blast. Grateful that these guys are still cranking out what to me can only be called amazing music.

  6. sumodie Reply

    Excellent opener -varied setlist and creative patient melodic jamming. Tops include 7Below>What’s the Use, 20 YL, Mound, Weekapaug, Bowie

    Set I highs were Cool it Down, Roggae, What things Seem

    Yes, so not a rage rockin show, which will displease many. But an impressive outing none the less. Sets the bar high for a top shelf 5 nite run. Gonna be a fun ride!!!!

  7. mknghorn Reply

    any of you and i mean ANY of you play a better show.i defy you!

  8. chunk Reply

    Agree with most of the sentiment, this show was a stinker. Looking forward to a better showing tonight.

  9. jfarns Reply

    Stay @ home again tonight haters. That was a STRONG effort, and rest assured this show will be remembered favorably in the long run. CAN”T WAIT for tonight!!!

  10. kyle Reply

    Haters Not a great show but if you were board then stay home tonight. it was the first show of the run and it is a build up. Grow up haters go see some other band. I will admit I couch toured and didnt think it was the best but had its moments. Its woostah people tonight is a random tuesday night show and it will indeed blow last nights show away

  11. the jer Reply

    quit complaining you whiny spoiled brat trustafarian losers!! Do everybody a favor and go to the next Justin Bieber show and scream like the little girls you are.

  12. jsf3000 Reply

    So Phish can’t have an off night? They can’t play a boring set in 25 years? Get over yerselves people. Not everything Phish touches turns to gold. Sometimes it’s silver, sometimes bronze. And yes, sometimes it’s a pile of horse crap.

  13. Brian Reply

    Quit complaining is right! At least the band is playing and having fun. I’ve grown tired of those who continue to bitch and yet considered a fan of this band. Do us all a favor and don’t go, free tickets up for those who really want to be there. There is nothing wrong with what they played last night. Again shut up and be glad Phish is still playing music together or have you forgotten the dark years when they weren’t.

  14. bernie Reply

    snoozefest. pathetic encore, most overplayed song in the phish library.

  15. Brendan Reply

    I was at the shows…
    There was a loose and fun energy going on it there both nights and you could really feel it. A little redneck rock and a bunch of busters we hadn’t heard in a while, in some cases, hadn’t heard at all.
    Highlights for me: “driving down the road one day, someone hit an AWESOOOOME!”, everyone dancing from side to side with the boys and taking care of thier boots, mound, page getting funky on wolfman, birdwatcher, and that awesome hood.
    The encores sucked, but that’s just the way it is my friends. Certainly didn’t see any frowns on the way out or at the hotel.

  16. Brendan Reply

    …and the man in white killing it on Pog.

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