Jamband Festival in Atlantic City?

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The summer festival field may become even more crowded this June with a proposed three-day event at Bader Field in Atlantic City. AC mayor Lorenzo Langford spoke about the festival earlier this month at a luncheon and according to an Atlantic City Weekly report, mentioned that a big-time promoter is putting said festival together.

To be clear, the only confirmed news is that Langford is in negotiations with the promoter. There’s no official word yet on who will take part in the planned event, though DMBNews.net has linked the festival to the Dave Matthews Band – a group that recently announced it will throw a few multi-day, multi-band events in 2011. Bader Field is a long walk from the “strip,” where fans would most likely stay.

[Bader Field’s current state via iirraa]

Atlantic City legend Pinky Kravitz weighed in on the potential event in his Pinky’s Corner column from December 30th and dropped a name of interest to our readers…

An interview with Mayor Lorenzo Langford that will appear at 7:30 p.m. Saturday on “WMGM TV 40 Presents Pinky” revealed he is working on a music festival that will be held at Bader Field. Mike Clark, reporter for The Press of Atlantic City, broke the story and noted that City Council had approved the negotiation currently under way. This festival would be similar to Bonnaroo, held at a farm in Tennessee, or Lollapalooza in the middle of Chicago’s Grant Park. The concert could have multiple groups over three days, or it could be a festival with Phish as the only band.

Many who attended Phish’s Boardwalk Hall shows last October appreciated the relatively cheap and plentiful accommodations and the locals were thrilled with the injection of money into the hurting city’s economy. It remains to be seen whether this June multi-band event or other potential concerts later in the summer at Bader Field come to fruition, but we’ll keep you posted.

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15 thoughts on “Jamband Festival in Atlantic City?

  1. Poster Nutbag Reply

    A) wasn’t pinky the guy who called zep for halloween?
    B) a summer festy, phish or multi-band, in AC could spell the potential for disaster. IF attendance is low (<40,000) it might work, but atlantic city is a VERY different place in the summer than it is in the fall/winter (think w00ks+jersey shore=DISASTER).

  2. dave Reply

    that place looks sweet! 😉

  3. Jeff P Reply

    heavy rumors point to it being DMB, not phish.

    But AC in June is not AC in October. There wont’ be cheap accommodations at all the casinos. Try $200-$300 for saturday night if you want to stay in a casino.

  4. tomg Reply

    bring us a fest at a place we can camp at please

  5. jack cotney Reply

    being an older vet of festivals and living in the ac area i think its a great idea there are plenty of motels other then the casinos plus dozens of campgrounds in a 10 mile area bader field is a huge area larger the watkins glen and other venues plus its one of americas great party cities does anybody remember the beach boys on the beach in the mid 80s i say when do tickets go on sale

  6. Joker Says! Reply

    yup blame Pinky for that 10/30 night throw down…and he’s right Phish fest in Sept, DMB in June….and you are all right, expensive rooms….20 bands, 3 stages at Bader Field in June and THE Phish in Sept

  7. Rstank Reply

    That nitrous scene wouldn’t be sketchy at all…

  8. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Well done, Joker Says! Phish + DMB may be two separate festivals.

  9. 传奇私服 Reply

    Again, fake young “HIPPIES” spewing hate. I love Phish, I love a good jamband, but DMB does not suck. All your “heros” in the jamband scene happen to have admiration for DMB, Trey has stated he could never write a song as good as Dave. To the Uber Phish fan saying DMB opened up for Phish, they also opened up for the Grateful Dead and Neil Young, oh yeah and the Allman brothers band opened up for DMB, so have a lot of current jambands. So stop with your hate, your jamband icons would laugh at you and think you were a douche spewing that mindless hate.

  10. Scott Bernstein Reply

    To the last commenter – who are you talking to? I don’t see anyone in this comments section saying DMB sucks.

  11. Dave Reply

    Chinaman – no one said DMB sucks! chill!

  12. The Barn Reply

    Phish and DMB together? This was an unscientific survey, but according to this infographic (and some of the folks commenting here) maybe not such a good idea… http://bit.ly/h4ob2y

  13. lib4 Reply

    You mean i would only have an hour and half trek to a Phish festival instead of 19-20 hrs drive
    Count me in

  14. Ava Reply

    Robert Plant and the Band of Joy!!! We gotta make THAT happen!

  15. Katee Reply

    The only thing that would make this festival better would be Jason mraz

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