Dammit Jammit, I Love You

I feel like one of the last remaining Americans whose phone isn’t “smart,” but there haven’t been many apps that make me jealous of those who have embraced iPhones…until today. A new app called Jammit allows musicians to isolate tracks from an extensive library of artists’ original master recordings, so you can either hear exactly what the artist was playing or jam along with the rest of the band. The app’s features include instrument isolation, synchronized notation and tablature combined with phrase looping and a slow speed function without changing pitch.

So far Jammit producers have procured tracks a wide range of artists including the Grateful Dead, The Ramones and Foreigner for the app’s library with the promise of more to come since you’ll be able to purchase additional tracks. Jammit will be debuted tomorrow at MacWorld and should be available for iPhone, iPad and OSX immediately thereafter. While I wish each version of the app came complete with guitar, bass, drums and keyboard tracks isolated, it appears that you will need different apps for each instrument. No word yet on pricing. Oh, and, I guess I’m in luck as a Windows version – as well as versions for Android and other mobile platforms will follow soon.

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