Personal Aside: My Favorite Music Costume

The best non-music-related costume of the night belonged to my buddy Lukas, who went as Richardson from Deadwood. Maybe one of every 100 people knew who he was, but for those of us that actually watch the show, it was by far and away the best effort of the night. Here’s Lukas and me:

Lukas Richardson

I’m not entirely sure what the hell he was, but here’s a little video of my cohort Donnie Fiedler, who wore this thing and freaked everyone the fuck out:


And just to show what kind of night it was around the Village, here’s a group of street performers that actually performed in the street throughout the night. Sidewalks are for pussies, they tell me:


Halloween, you bastard. It’s tired in here.

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  1. oh shit….ha, that phish costume is a freaking riot. That mass-produced scalper shirt kills me. “get the fish concert shirts here!”

  2. The costume was even better in person…well, not true exactly, because he stunk like patchouli. And if anything can make me wanna vomit for a week straight, it’s that stank.

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