Buffalo Springfield to Tour This Fall

If you don’t want a secret to come out in the open, you best not tell legendary musician David Crosby. Crosby spilled the beans about Buffalo Springfield’s plans to tour this fall to Rolling Stone before he started pitching himself and a Byrds reunion to the writer as an opening act. Buffalo Springfield reunited in October for two transcendent sets of music at band member Neil Young’s annual Bridge School Benefit and shortly thereafter Rolling Stone reported that talks were underway for a tour.

[Photo by Eleanor Stills]

Crosby confirmed the tour to Rolling Stone in discussing Stephen Stills, “he really sparked that thing, and I think it was a very pleasant experience for Neil and Stephen both. I know they’re going to go out for at least some dates in the fall. Personally, I’d like to go watch. They’re one of my favorite bands.” David Spero, Buffalo Springfield guitarist Richie Furay’s manager, backed up Crosby’s assertions by stating, “there certainly are discussions to that effect.” While a Byrds reunion is a long-shot, Crosby wants in…

Crosby has an idea how to make the tour even more special: “I wish I could throw it in with the Byrds,” he says, referring to his old band. “That would be my dream, because everybody and their uncle would come to see the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield. But that’s not going to happen.” Why not? “Roger [McGuinn] is pretty adamant about that. He’s very happy about being a folksinger; he likes it, and wants it that way. [Rolling Stone]

We sure hope Young and Stills knew that Crosby was confirming the tour or there are some very awkward conversations on the horizon.

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