The Number Line: Trey Week Edition

48 – The number of views of this 20+ Minute Money Love & Change from PNC 2002

47 – Electric One-Timers [After Midnight, Auld Lang Syne, Barracuda, Big Chief, Bitch, Bunny Bread, Burn That Bridge, Can’t Stand Losing You, Car Carrier Blues, Close My Eyes, Come Together, Communication Breakdown, Crosstown Traffic, Eyes Of The World, Fire Burn Me Down, Fire On The Bayou, Foxey Lady, Funk #49, Gloomy Sky, Hey Pocky A-Way, Higher Ground, Iko Iko, I’ve Got a Feeling, John The Revelator, Knives Out, Mike’s Song, Moby Dick, Motion, Panama, Perhaps, Road Runner, Rocky Mountain Shuffle, Rubberneck Lions, Ruby Waves, Sailboat Man, Sex Machine, Skip The Goodbyes, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Sway, Take Me Out To The Ballgame, Til I Met You, Tomato Song, Wang Dang Doodle, Wanna Be Startin Somethin, Weekapaug Groove, Whatever Gets You Through the Night, When the Saints Come Marching In]

41 – Acoustic Performances of Back On The Train

39 – Acoustic One-Timers [Access Me, Aftermath, Anything But Me, Birthday Boys, Catapult, Character Zero, Dog Faced Boy, Everyday, Feel Like Makin’ Love, Fluffhead, Free, Friday, Ghost, Grind, Hard Hearted, If I Could Be A Sailor, I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome, Joy, Julius, Lawn Boy, Lifeboy, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters, My Sweet One, NICU, Piper, Punch You in the Eye, Quadrophonic Toppling, Ripple, Roggae, Silent In The Morning, Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan, Suzy Greenberg, Taste, The Horse, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, The Wedge, Two Versions of Me, Wave The Ocean, Yellow Submarine]

28 – Drifting Openers

23 – Songs Debuted by TAB before being played by Phish [Drifting, First Tube, Mr. Completely, Sand, Mozambique, Gotta Jibboo, Sleep Again, Heavy Things, Let Me Lie, Windora Bug, Pebbles & Marbles, Alaska, Show of Life, Birdwatcher, Backwards Down The Number Line, Bug, Undermind, Discern, Thunderhead, Spices, Light, Gone, Burn That Bridge]

18 – Total projects listed on Band Page

18 – Number of steps everyone must go up and down

15 – TAB, Classic TAB or 70 Volt Parade Festival Appearances [Mountain Aire ’02, Bonnaroo ’02, Bonnaroo ’04, ACL ’04, Jazz Fest ’05, Bonnaroo ’05, 10KLF ’05, Vegoose ’05, Bumbershoot ’06, Jazz Aspen ’06, 10KLF ’06, Vegoose ’06, Langerado ’07, APW ’08, Hangout ’10]

12 – Simple Twist Up Dave Second Set Openers

11 – Members in the largest version of TAB that toured [Undectet]

11 – Sit-ins by Mike Gordon: 5/17/99 – Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT ; 3/2/2001 Asheville, NC ; 8/3/2001 – Wantagh, NY ; 6/14/2002 – Mansfield, MA ; 5/26/2003 – New York, NY ; 4/30/2005 – New Orleans, LA ; 5/14/2005 – New York, NY ; 11/11/2005 – Utica, NY ; 10/11/2006 – Philadelphia, PA ; 10/29/2006 – Las Vegas, NV ; 7/16/2008 – Rothbury, MI

11 – Phish originals played electric by TAB [46 Days, Alumni Blues, Buried Alive, It’s Ice, The Landlady, Magilla, Mike’s Song, Possum, Stash, Weekapaug Groove, Wolfman’s Brother]

9 – Times Nothing But An “E” Thing was performed before turning into Pebbles & Marbles

[qt: 320 240]

8 – Different Guitarists that have guested with TAB: Derek Trucks (5/25/2002), Will Bernard (5/26/2002), David Hidalgo (5/31/2002), Warren Haynes (5/27/2003 & 8/6/2005), Carlos Santana (5/31/2003), 9/20/2005 (Eric Krasno), 11/3/2005 & 10/13/2006 (Josh Clark), Jerry Harrison (12/3/2005), Scott Murawski (10/21/2008)

7 – Appearances on Late Night TV [Late Night with Conan O’Brien – 2/23/2001, Late Show with David Letterman – 5/2/2002, The Late Late Show with Criag Kilborn – 6/24/2002 (Solo Acoustic), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – 6/26/2002, Late Night with Conan O’Brien – 10/3/2005, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson – 11/17/2005, Late Show with David Letterman – 10/3/2006]

6 – Sit-ins by Page McConnell: 5/17/99 – Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT ; 2/23/2001 – New York, NY ; 5/31/2002 – Las Vegas, NV ; 10/22/2002 – Burlington, VT ; 11/8/2005 – New York, NY ; Page 7/12/2006 – Essex Junction, VT

5 – TAB Shows played at Red Rocks [7/17/2001, 7/18/2001, 6/3/2002, 6/4/2002, 8/13/2005]

5 – Songs on Trey’s first album, One Man’s Trash, that have been performed by TAB [Happy Coffee Song, Quantegy, Mister Completely, The Way I Feel and At The Barbecue]

4 – Songs Performed at Eight Foot Florescent Tubes show played on last TAB tour [Free Thought [aka Mozambique], First Tube, Sand, Last Tube]

4 – Trey Band drummers between Russ Lawton’s tenures [Skeeto Valdez, Raymond Weber, Joe Russo and Jeff Sipe]

3 – Bands opened for [The Black Crowes, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers]

3 – Different Sets of lyrics for Sweet Dreams Melinda over the years [#1 – “Til I Met You” #2 “Moses, Mindy & Andy” #3 Version recorded on Shine and currently performed]

3 – Sit-ins by Jon Fishman: 5/17/99 – Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT ; 6/16/2002 – Darien Center, NY ; 11/11/2005 – Utica, NY

2 – Trey Band bassists between Tony Markellis’s tenures [Peter Chwazik & Tony Hall]

1 – # of times Perhaps has been played


0 – Setlists available from Zooma Tour

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10 Responses

  1. Songs debuted by TAB before Phish is such a great “Thinker” Treytoid.

    I love new phans. Always have. Its what makes our scene dynamically vibrant (boo-hiss on peeps who say ‘noobs, etc.) HOwever, I have often been asked since 2000 from “New phans” why I go to TAB shows.

    The pre-Phish TAB debuts is just one of a multitude of reasons TAB is so refreshing after a year of seeing the Boys.

  2. Wonderfully done! A few late night TV additions:
    – Trey played Alive Again on Letterman 5/2/02
    – Trey played Pebbles solo acoustic on Kilborn 6/24/02
    – Trey played Alive Again with band on Leno 6/26/02

  3. Damn, we were really trying to sell Trey short on the Late Night TV front I guess. That’s been corrected, thanks a lot Guy Forget.

    Keep ’em coming!

  4. I wrote a letter to Trey before Summer 2001 tour started asking for a Quantegy debut. For serz. Just saying. Hit up Red Rocks ->Deer Creek. What a summer.

  5. FYI 70VP played at Memphis in May in 2005. It was actually the best solo Trey show I’ve ever seen hellacious storm and all.

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