Bruce Hornsby Chats Up Facebook Fans

While Howard Stern may have revolutionized how celebrities use Twitter over the weekend by tweeting commentary along with an HBO re-airing of his Private Parts film, Bruce Hornsby is aiming to do something similar on Facebook. From 7 to 8PM this past Monday night, Hornsby responded to dozens of questions posed by his fans on the Official Bruce Hornsby Facebook Page on a wide range of topics.

Hornsby’s page announced that Bruce will take part in a Facebook Chat and prompted fans to leave questions on his “wall.” Among the subjects the former Grateful Dead keyboardist tackled were his beginnings as part of a Steely Dan cover band, Robin Williams’ penchant for dirty jokes, the status of his Broadway musical and a potential supergroup featuring Bruce and Bobby McFerrin.  Bruce also shared some thoughts on the meaning behind his original songs The Chill, Continents Drift and Candy Mountain Run. The piano wiz even gave some love to Ben Folds.

All of Hornsby’s answers are scattered through his Facebook page, but many of them are contained within this thread. Bruce gained over a thousand “likes” during the session, showing that the exercise wasn’t one sided. Fans were thrilled for the opportunity to ask one of their favorite artists questions, while the artist in question gained plenty of followers who will now see the piano player’s news updates in their feed. We hope more performers follow in Bruce’s footsteps over the coming weeks and months.

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