B List: 10 Things You Might Not Remember About Trey Anastasio’s First Solo Tour

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9) “People really like to see someone struggling on stage”

Trey got some sound advice from Neil Young before embarking on his first solo tour. Listen as he tells the story after a swing-and-a-miss on his first take of Billy Breathes on the Piano.

1999-05-08 Oscar Mayer Theatre, Madison, WI

8) Fucking Aftermath

In a moment that many Phish geeks had dreamed about, the instrumental Aftermath found on The White Tape was finally performed live with a little help from co-author Roger Holloway. Hear about Roger’s history with the venue in the audio below.

1999-05-07 American Theatre, St. Louis MO

7) Andre The Giant/Summer Of ’89

Well it took a really long time, over ten years, but the instrumental Andre The Giant that Trey played twice on the ’99 tour got words and became the Phish tune Summer Of ’89.

1999-05-07 American Theatre, St. Louis MO

6) Bug was a TAB song first

We’ve been taking a trip down memory lane as we revisited all of the audio from the Trey ’99 tour and one constant I found was that while everyone knows that Sand, First Tube, Gotta Jibboo etc. came from this tour, a lot of people forget that there were two electric performances of Bug in ’99 before it hit the Phish stage. Hear the first one and Trey describing the songwriting experience with Tom.

1999-05-08 Oscar Mayer Theatre, Madison, WI

5) SBD of 9:30 Club

The audience recordings from this tour are great, especially from the nice sounding theaters, but there is one leaked soundboard. It’s a partial – six tunes from the 9:30 Club, but damn does it sound good. Hear the I Can See Clearly Now > Aqui Como Alla below.

1999-05-11 9:30 Club, Washington DC

4) “Drunken Mayhem”

Performing a solo acoustic set of music can be a struggle. While most Hidden Track readers will likely subscribe to the, “You paid money to get in, why would you talk over the music?” philosophy, the truth of the matter is that sometimes you just get a chatty crowd.

The attentiveness of the Trey ’99 crowds were a little hit or miss. Sometimes Anastasio was psyched about how attentive the crowd was (Binghamton for example.) But the club shows (9:30 Club for example) can be a tougher crowd to tame. Trey had one theme he liked repeating when discussing this and that was Drunken Mayhem. He mentioned it on more than one occasion and often paired his mayhem banter with his “New Country Song” – Name. The best was in Portland when his discussions of the mayhem led to a brief performance of Feel Like Making Love and then Name. Listen to that below. And we wish Trey luck on some quiet crowds this coming tour as he returns to this ’99 format.

1999-05-14 State Theatre, Portland, ME

3) Trey Teases Crosseyed and Six People Notice

As incredible as a number of the performances of Sand are from the ’99 tour, there is some seriously good shit in a couple of the O-o-h Child jams. The first electric song played of the tour – not including the one gig played in February – was the O-o-h Child 2nd set opener in Ann Arbor and it gets funky. Other versions get beautifully ambient, and this version from Chicago contains some Crosseyed & Painless teases that barely gets picked up by the crowd.

1999-05-06 The Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL

2) Horn Section in Burlington

At the penultimate gig of the tour The Trio was joined briefly by Dave Grippo and the Frederick Tuttle Middle School “Jazz Allstars”. Perhaps this was the motivation for adding a three-piece horn section the next time Trey, Tony & Russ toured. Phish also joined in for some Taj Mahal and Hendrix in the encore. Listen to Trey’s cover of Dionne Warwick’s Then Came You with help from the horn section below.

1999-05-17 Flynn Theater, Burlington VT

1) First-ever show at the Denver Fillmore.

A late addition to the tour schedule, Trey had the honor of playing the first-ever notes inside this brand new venue in Denver. Always aware of the importance of a good opener, Trey chose this moment to perform the first – and thus far the only – acoustic version of Taste. Listen below to Trey telling the crowd about the significance of being at a venue’s first show.

1999-05-19 Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

All the audio courtesy of all the great recordings included in Trey Anastasio 1999 Project.

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20 thoughts on “B List: 10 Things You Might Not Remember About Trey Anastasio’s First Solo Tour

  1. Frinkazoid Reply

    The only acoustic TMWSITY @ Thomas Wolfe Aud. Asheville ’99…spectacular.

  2. DaveO Reply

    @Frinkazoid Totally. In fact, Entry #8 originally was going to be about that but I switched it to Aftermath. Both choice instrumentals.

  3. Jeffrey Greenblatt Reply

    Fantastic list, that ’99 tour was such a great run of shows. Was at the gig in Albany, and had most of these shows on tape, this is bringing back all the memories of listening to those.

  4. shoe5548 Reply

    HT, I heart you for putting together posts like this.

  5. mainegabe Reply

    I’m excited for the triumphant return to the State tomorrow night. 1st place I saw Trey. BDTNL.

  6. _goff. Reply

    The first Trey solo/TAB show i attended was that Binghamton show on 5/13/99.

    Trey was right about the crowd energy! it was through the roof.

    NOt only did we get Billy Preston’s “We’ll Go Round in Circles” in the 2nd set,

    but we also got a hitlist of great Phish songs and Tom Marshall joining Trey on stage to close out the first set w “Sleep”, “Blue & Shiny” and “Waste”.

    I had completely forgotten about this show and because Phish hadnt gone into hibernation yet (10/7/00) phans hadnt really, fully hopped on the Trey/TAB bandwagon yet.

    thanks again HT for helping to recall some great memories from these clogged synapses.

  7. Byrney Reply

    Great work as always my friend. Very enjoyable. Cant wait for part II of the interview tomorrow where he will hopefully say he’s opening Portland w/ Javier Cinakowski.

  8. MikePhlood Reply

    Man thanks so much for posting all of these songs. SOme of these Im just now hearing for the first time and cant stop listening to them ie Silicone Fairy. Those covers were incredible too. I sure do miss TAB ’99-’03 era.. Keep up da good work!

  9. Andrew deLaubell Reply

    5/13/99 was in B-I-N-G-H-A-M-T-O-N (there is no place in new york state calling binghampton)

  10. DaveO Reply

    HA. Thanks, upstate New York spelling has been corrected.

  11. tela'smuff Reply

    first off. amazing list. thanks!
    but why can’t i find the C&P tease in O-o-h Child?

  12. JPhishman Reply

    Love the Drunken Mayhem clip! Awesome post!!

  13. Greg Reply

    I was at that Fillmore show and, Taste being my favorite Phish tune, it was pretty special.

  14. Andrew Reply

    Love the ’99 Tour – so many great covers, a great-sounding band, and Trey having a lot of fun. I wish LivePhish would release some of these shows so we’d have more than the six-song SBDs.

  15. matt payne Reply

    I was @ St. Louis….! Listening to my tapes now….Have Summer of ’89/Andre the Giant labeled as “Jam.” It was the encore before “will it go round in circles.” Hell ya! Glad I still have all my tapes and a ghetto blaster! I have access to the DAT’s of this show. Smokin’ show…wish I would have been sober..can hear my dumbass screaming on the tapes…ahhh 1999.

  16. hungdad Reply

    @tela’smuff – crosseyed tease at 8:02 in Ooh Child. BTW that 9:30 SBD sounds really incredible. If they released the whole tour in that quality I would lose my shit.

  17. Blair Reply

    Thanks, DaveO….That brought back some early Trey tour memories.

  18. Kyle Reply

    Thanks Dave!!

    so many memories i listened to the flynn theater show on my tape player in my 1989 Chevy cavilier so many times it literally just stoped working. Both the tape and the tape deck. Hope to see everyone at the palace on Saturday night. Hoping for some great stage banter during the first set!

  19. Gluttoner Reply

    good info about Andre the Giant…it’s a quite a bit jazzier than summer of ’89.

  20. dave schools Reply


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