Review: Trey Anastasio @ Riviera Theatre

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The one-two punch of classic TAB numbers Cayman Review and Burlap Sack and Pumps worked the crowd into a frenzy, and then Jen brought the fucking house down with her take on Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood. Money Love and Change kept the energy up before Small Axe gave the audience a chance to catch its breath. Up next was a great take on The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Long on my list of “great classic rock tunes I never need to hear again in my life”, TAB’s version absolutely worked for me with the horn section tackling the fiddle parts in a manner Zappa’s ’88 band would be proud of.

Night Speaks to a Woman and Ether Sunday gave Hartswick more time to shine, at first on vocals and then with an incredible trumpet solo, before a ripping First Tube ended the set. Not wasting any time, the band quickly returned and launched into Dire Straits’ classic Sultans of Swing. Giving the horn section more time to shine, they performed the well-known second guitar solo flawlessly with parts that again sounded like Zappa’s amazing ’88 horn arrangements.

After a few years of seeming to not be sure what to do with his solo band, and lineups that didn’t quite get there – it seems TAB has found its rhythm for the first time since the big-band TAB years of 2003  and 2004. The band is big enough to create a huge wall of sound that the guitarist is clearly looking for, but small and lean enough to muscle its way through most any material thrown at it.

Set 1: Backwards Down the Number Line[1]Theme From the Bottom[1]Farmhouse[1]Gumbo[1]Kill Devil Falls[1]Halley’s Comet[1]Dirt[1]Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan[1]The Wedge[1]Let Me Lie[2]Water in the Sky[2]Wading in the Velvet Sea[3]Heavy Things[4]Liquid Time[4]Hey Ya![4]Push On ‘Til the Day

Set 2: Gotta JibbooOcelotValentineMy Problem Right ThereCayman ReviewBurlap Sack and Pumps,Clint EastwoodMoney, Love and ChangeSmall AxeThe Devil Went Down to GeorgiaNight Speaks to a WomanEther SundayFirst Tube

Encore: Sultans of Swing

Notes: The first set was Trey solo acoustic except “Let Me Lie” through “Wading” (Trey acoustic with Jen and Natalie) “Heavy Things” through “Hey Ya! (Trey acoustic with full TAB), and “Push On” (electric TAB). “Wading” was dedicated to Tom Marshall.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Trey Anastasio @ Riviera Theatre

  1. GoffplaysCreole...Creole. Reply

    I love that photos were also snapped of other TAB members. It’s pretty rare to see photos of Ray Pac. (great shot of JHA)

    haha. Poor Russ and Russ. Despite rarely being shutterbugged, somethin tells me neither mind all that much.

  2. Kyle Reply

    Great fucking Pics. I agree with Ocelot except I really love that tune any way it is played. Again HY has it all covered love it!

  3. Kyle Reply

    HT has it covered

  4. jsf3000 Reply

    Nice to see Phish reverted to a computer program. 3.0? wow! That’s just genius! Who thought of that? Give that guy a cookie or a medal or something to indicate how awesome he is.

    I just don’t understand this tag of version of 3.0. Did the line up change? No. Did they improve? Not necesaryly. Did the music evolve? Well sure all music does, but does 2010 sound differnt from 2009. Hell yes it does! Should 2010 be Phish v4.0. 2011 be v5.0. Phish is about music, not iMac brats. Let’s end this right now.

  5. Supplied.0 Reply


  6. Kyle Reply

    It is 1.0 b4 hiatus 2.0 after hiatus 3.0 after break up its pretty simple if you cant figure that out do you even know the phish worls. has nothing to do with progress but rather the number of times the band came back

  7. larry Reply

    “is that the windora bug”

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