Trailer: Bob Dylan Revealed

May 24, 2011 will mark a major milestone in the long, storied life of Bob Dylan, as the legendary bard will celebrate his 70th birthday. Earlier in the month, the career of the singer-songwriter will be the subject of a new “tell-all” documentary called Bob Dylan Revealed. Produced by Jerry Wexler, who worked with Zimmy on Slow Train Coming, the movie gives a behind the scenes look at Dylan’s 50 years in music as told by the people that were intimately involved. Let’s check out the trailer…


Bob DylanRevealed (Trailer)

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  1. Didn’t Jerry Wexler die over 2-1/2 years ago? This looks like another of those “clip jobs” that get released direct to home video every couple of years.

  2. @Jeff Hitz – Yes he did die in ’08, I’m just going by the info that was on the website. Clearly some of those interview clips do look a bit old, but still looks like it could be a pretty interesting watch – IMO.

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