Friday For the Foodies: Montreal, Part 2 – Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon

Cabane à Sucre is not overly big, there are 12 communal tables with 8 seats apiece and 10 bar stools for a total of 106 seats.

The menu is prix fixe (fixed price). Below is the description of the menu, meal, inspiration and experience from the Cabane à Sucre website

The menu at the Pied de Cochon sugar shack will offer new twists on traditional recipes. Finding our inspiration in the spirit of the sugar season and its time-honoured dishes, we aim to expand and refine the choices on the menu by including dishes steeped in tradition, along with authentic Pied de Cochon creations which are the measured fruit of our culinary experience.

In addition to the items on the menu, a varying assortment of dishes will be offered daily, giving us an opportunity to explore and create new maple syrup recipes. We hope this will contribute to the convivial spirit that we wish to create in the sugar shack.

We hope you will join us in this venture and treat yourself to the pleasures of maple sugar. Happy sugar season, and thank you for coming out to the Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack.

Our waiter, Oliver, was great and when I told him I would be taking pictures of everything and asking a lot of questions he assured me he would provide me with as much information as I needed.

So here we go, sit down, relax and relive this amazing one of a kind dining experience with me!

What better way to start a Canadian fine dining brunch off with than a Bloody Caesar.

Course 1: Prince Edward Island oysters with sea water, maple syrup and lemon juice served on a log slice atop a bed of sea salt (I could have eaten 100 of these, so fresh and tasty!)

Below is Chef Carl shucking the very oysters we ate just a few minutes earlier

Course 2: Pea Soup with Foie Gras

Course 3: Maple smoked sturgeon (smoked on premise, more on that in a bit) with homemade buckwheat pancakes, pickled onions and Crème fraiche.

Course 4: Salad of pork rinds, spinach, arugula, ham and cheddar cheese with a maple syrup/dijon mustard dressing

Course 5: Creton/Gravlax Maki with a soy/maple syrup dipping sauce

Course 6: Lobster soufflé with potatoes, veal stock, butter, onions, maple syrup and green onions (there were 3 of us eating, 1 person was allergic to shellfish so only 2 of us could eat this, oh well).

Course 7 part 1: House smoked pork shoulder infused with water/maple syrup served atop homemade gnocchi,  carrots and parsnips in a stout beer sauce. (The trick to this dish was to take a small piece of meat and a gnocchi and swirl it around the bottom of the pot for pork /maple syrup / stout beer deliciousness)

Course 7 part 2: Roasted Cornish Game Hen (head on), served in a maple syrup/mustard vinaigrette

That was the end of the main courses, it was now on to the desserts.

Dessert 1: Maple syrup in snow.  If you have never had this you roll the maple syrup on the Popsicle stick to make a maple syrup lollipop.

Once completed it will look like this (and be the best damn lollipop you ever had)

Dessert 2: Fried donuts made with duck fat and maple syrup

Dessert 3: Nougat, whipped cream, ganash, nuts, topped with homemade maple cotton candy

Dessert 4: Apple Tatin with maple syrup, caramelized apples à la mode.

I was lucky enough after the meal to get a tour of the kitchen from Philippe, one of the owners of Cabane à Sucre.  Here are some of those pictures:

I mentioned earlier that there is a smoker on the property that they used for the pork shoulders and sturgeon.  Here is Chef Carl working on the pork shoulders.

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to (left to right) Carl, Philippe, Oliver (our waiter) and Chef Jean Michel (not pictured) for the once in a lifetime meal. I hope to make it back for the 2012 season!

Here are few other random pictures shot that day at Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon

Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon
11382 Rang de la Fresnière
St-Benoît de Mirabel, Québec
J7N 2R9
Tel: (450) 258-1732
Fax: (450) 258-4347

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