Morning Listening: SugarMegs SugarGems

It’s been awhile since we broke out the good China…let’s go show-diving: 


Seriously, I listen to that Traffic show once or twice a week. It’s dyn-o-mite. From the fantastic Bill Graham intro (…in association with Her Majesty the Queen, we bring you Traffic) to the Dear Mr. Fantasy closer, there isn’t a single moment of downtime on this show. The Medicated Goo, Pearly Queen, Empty Pages opening triumvirate can’t be touched, and even if you’re a Traffic newb, you’ll walk away wanting to dig up everything you can from these guys. Youse guys. Get on it.

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One thought on “Morning Listening: SugarMegs SugarGems

  1. Newms Reply

    Did anyone see Steve Winwood doing the Slipnuts song on Conan last night? Absolutely hilarious! Can’t find it on Youtube though.

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