Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Union Square Subway

Spanning the four months between the Coventry Disaster and New Year’s 2004, I somehow found myself on an unplanned, unconscious live music hiatus. The only performances I caught in person took place under the pavement while riding New York’s underground public transportation system.

But I did watch those amateur shows intently. Sometimes I found myself hanging out for 20 minutes, sometimes an hour, literally, getting my fill of free music in exchange for a well-deserved buck or two. The caliber of musician down there occasionally floored me — why is this person underground and not up on some stage? Point is, there’s talent everywhere, like in this sweet clip:


Aside from spelling “cello” horribly wrong in the intro, that’s one of the better videos I’ve seen from down in the subway. Kudos bar to beatboxing flute player Greg Pattillo and cello player Eric Stephenson for brightening my Friday…

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  1. The was really unbelievable. Its a shame how underappreciated some talent is. Another reason to take public transportation.

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