Video: Furthur Performs Abbey Road

On Tuesday night at the Best Buy Theater in New York City, Furthur finished covering The Beatles’ landmark Abbey Road LP by performing the medley that makes up most of the b-side of the album as well as Her Majesty. An item from today’s Page Six in the New York Post about bassist Phil Lesh’s birthday celebration after the show explains that the idea to cover Abbey Road came from Lesh’s wife.

So thank you Jill Lesh for the creative concept that has made the start of Furthur’s tour so fun to watch. With that in mind, here’s a playlist containing videos of each song from Abbey Road as performed by Furthur…

Furthur – Abbey Road (In Its Entirety)

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  1. Uhhh…I think it was Jill’s idea, not Mrs. Weir:

    Lesh added, “I think it’s pretty great. It was my wife’s idea.”

  2. Wow I never thought I would say this but thank you Mrs. Lesh for having some creativity for a change. Thanks again!

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