Bloggy Goodness: Superfan #99

Last month NPR Music’s blog The Record kicked off a series called That’s What Fans Are For in an effort to look “at the ways the support of fans makes its way to musician” – tackling topics like Crowdfunding, the power of social media and buying a band’s album at the merch table versus digital outlets or brick and mortar stores. While we’ve been loving all these posts the one that went up yesterday was the icing on the cake – So You Think You’re A Superfan? Readers were asked to submit their photos and stories of meeting their rock heroes. The results yielded some great and at times awesomely awkward pictures with a wide range of musicians.


Finally, as we’ve been pointing out, this weekend HT faves Umphrey’s McGee will host UMBowl II at the Park West in Chicago this Saturday night, April 2. The unique event will be streamed live via iClips, and will run you just $9.99 for the full couch tour experience. Prior to Umphrey’s taking the stage, iClips will be offering up a warm up set  from another Windy City act, with a free stream of Lubriphonic’s set from the Double Door from the night before beginning at 5:45 CDT. In addition to the free stream, the funk-groove band is also giving away a free digital sampler that includes over an hour of live and studio, which you can download here.

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