19-Year-Old Man Falls to Death @ Concert

We’re saddened to report that a 19-year-old man died early this morning from injuries sustained after falling through a fourth-floor window of the Petersen Events Center on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh during last night’s Furthur concert according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

As per the article, one witness said McDonald, PA resident Joseph Kimutis “appeared to have gotten into a three-point stance, ‘like a football player,’ yelled ‘Hike!’ and charged the window.”

No word yet on Kimutis’ physical and mental state leading up to the incident and toxicology reports are pending. The concert went on as planned. Furthur next performs tomorrow night at the Hampton Coliseum.

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  1. I had just gotten on campus when 2 cop cars with lights on came flying at me. I at first thought they were busting N2O peeps but when I got up to the Pete and saw the broken window and then they rushed him by my car into the ambulance. I also was almost landed on by the Jones Bch Jumper too. Try and take off from the ground first! We can’t FLY!

  2. It truly saddens me that something like this would happen. I have being going to Grateful Dead/Further/Phish shows for 17 years and have witnessed a lot of ridiculous things in my time but this takes the cake. Drink a beer, relax and enjoy the show, kids! As you get older, you will truly appreciate watching these shows sober and remembering every single, beautiful note played.

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