HT Giveaway: Phish – Superball IX Tickets + Phish – Live in Utica DVD/CD Set

Today marks the release of Phish – Live in Utica and we wanted to remind our readers that our giveaway for three copies of the box set and a pair of Super Ball IX tickets is open until Thursday…

With just over two weeks until the start of summer tour at Bethel Woods in Bethel, NY we can’t help but start thinking about Phish around these parts. Following an 18-date run that marks the band’s return to the road after nearly six months, Phish will head to Watkins Glen, NY for a three-day festival named Super Ball IX at Watkins Glen International racetrack. For their ninth festival the quartet have come up with a number of camping options and travel packages to offer those fans who aren’t ready to rough it plenty of ways to enjoy Super Ball IX.

While Phish will show plenty of love to upstate New York between Bethel, Super Ball IX and a June 8 show in Darien, they also displayed their fondness for the region last October by throwing down arguably one of the best performances of the era in Utica. On May 25 Phish – Live in Utica, a DVD/CD release of that magical night, will be released with pre-order packages available now through Phish Dry Goods.

For one of our best editions of the Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program we’ve got a pair of tickets to Super Ball IX for one lucky reader and three Phish – Live in Utica box sets for three other lucky HT readers. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us about your favorite Phish festival moment. You can enter a second time by leaving this favorite festival moment on our Facebook wall and a third time by following @Hidden_Track and tweeting your favorite festival moment at us. You must leave your comment on this page, our Facebook wall and/or tweet at us by Thursday, May 26 at 11:59AM EDT. We’ll pick the winners at random shortly after the contest ends.

Here’s a rundown of the details for this contest…

  • Grand Prize: One pair of tickets to Phish’s Super Ball IX
  • Three Runner-Up Prizes: Phish – Live in Utica box set
  • To enter the contest leave a comment below telling us about your favorite Phish festival moment
  • You can enter a second time by posting your favorite Phish festival moment on our Facebook wall
  • You can enter the contest a third time by following @Hidden_Track and tweeting your favorite festival moment at us (example: My favorite #phish festival moment was when Trey winked at me during Divided Sky at Clifford Ball @Hidden_Track). The tweet must end in @Hidden_Track and you must follow the feed to be entered
  • Your comment/Facebook wall posting/tweet must be left/sent by 11:59AM EDT on May 26
  • All entries will tallied at the end of the contest and we’ll determine the winners by using

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343 Responses

  1. Deciding that I was going to follow this band wherever they go during the solo piano ending of Squirming Coil at the Clifford Ball.

  2. My favorite festival moment was what my friends and I now refer to as the “Punch run” when we were caught far away from the stage at Festival 8 when the band opened the second set on the 1st night with “PYITE”. The ensuing run to the stage will forver be known as the “Punch run.”

  3. Driving up to IT, on 95 North watching the Sunrise after driving all night from Boston. was the start to an amazing weekend.

  4. Suzie with horns at 8, always wanted to hear it live and was anxious during break before the encore if we’d get it or not. Possibly the happiest I’ve been to hear a specific song at a specific time.

  5. Standing on top of my friends truck on alligator alley, looking at a sea of humanity ready to rage, all at 16 years of age!!!
    super ball ix, the consequences will never be the same.

  6. Believe it or not it was at Coventry. After Mike made the announcement on the radio we all sat in our cars to assess the situation and we all collectively got our shit together and started hiking. It was very powerful and moving. I remember looking behind me and seeing thousands of people doing the same thing. Cool…very cool indeed.

  7. Easy – set II of day 2 of the Went. From start to finish, possibly the greatest set Phish has played. And besides the incredible musicianship, there was the speech Trey gave during the art passing about the tower being a physical representation of the band-fan connection, which was followed by an even more poignant demonstration of this with the glowstick war during the set-closing Hood. The whole thing still gives me goosebumps.

  8. All of the festivals I’ve been to have had their highlights, but I think one of the top ones has to be at Fest. 8. Halloween Night — 3rd set. Towards the end of Fluffhead when the fire towers went off for the first time! I was standing right next to one and it totally caught me off guard! The combination of the light, heat, and sea of glowsticks right after the Fluff’s Travels segment.. such a great memory!

  9. Sadly, I have not been to a Phish Festival yet. But of all I have seen or heard, I would say the flatbed jam is my fave.

  10. tower jam at IT. the excitement of the rumors buzzing around the grounds all day. settling into camp after the show. and suddenly everyone is moving toward the tower. word of mouth spreading the news. running over there just expecting to hear some extra phish- but really getting something incredible. some amazing, quiet, graceful, thoughtful improvised music and a visual spectacle unlike anything we’ve ever seen. i remember goosebumps when all the dancers jumped off the walls of the tower at the same time, spread out, and landed safely…

  11. My fave phish fest moment is Exile set at EIGHT. That was sooo beyond words. Thank-you Page, Trey, Mike, Fishman, Sharon Jones and crew! SO HOT!!!!!!!

  12. Managed to take bad brownies at Coventry. My girlfriend at the time convinced us to go to the medical tent. I felt real safe, so I had a blast, then spent an hour trying to get a free Coventry MEDICAL shirt to no avail. And I still made it to the evening set. Quite fun!

  13. Oh man… the feeling of getting my first Fluffhead at 8, as well as seeing everyone dressed up for Halloween in that surreal location… it was absolutely perfect.

  14. I’ve been to each festival they’ve thrown (sadly missing Superball IX) and I still get goosebumps remembering hearing Makisupa being kicked off as my then gilfriend, now wife, were running back to the field for the start of Set III on the first night at the Clifford Ball. The rest of that set was pure sickness. Also, the Mike’s Groove from the 2nd set that night was just plain nuts. Each fest has a number of great memories, but that first one always sticks with me.

  15. My favorite phish festival moment is winning tickets from Hidden Track so I can go to my first phish festival

  16. I was a late bloomer when it came to Phish. I was very into the Grateful Dead and Dave Matthews Band but couldn’t break through to Phish because I always felt some of their lyrics just didn’t make sense. After finally having my Phish Moment on a peace ride my the roommate I was hooked. I got tickets immediately for the IT festival. This would be my first Phish show and would forever change my view of what a concert is and should be. I never knew so many people could all converge to celebrate a single band and music in general. My favorite Phish festival moment is the moment I realized I had found a place where music ruled. I felt a happiness and belonging that I hadn’t known before. People were there for the music. There was a single conciousness that we are all here for Phish but also all here to enjoy Phish together as one. I can’t wait for Superball so I can share in the groove with all my friends again. In case that doesn’t count…Glowstick war during my first Ghost. A truely amazing concert moment.

  17. Carrying many (MANY) giant duffel bags of wood chips back to my groups tent area to absorb the ankle to calf deep water at Coventry. Most people would have probably packed up and moved elsewhere. We were all soaked, but rallied on to have a GREAT time despite the somber mood that was impending.

    I’ve been lucky enough to make it to every festival so far and didn’t plan on missing Watkins Glen… But have recently been laid off with no severence and winning this would be an amazing help.

  18. I have missed every festival that PHiSH has thrown. Something always came up where I either had to work or just couldn’t afford the voyage. This year is the first time that I will be able to make it. So if I win the tickets I buy myself a new tent and see you guys up there!! Woo Hoo!

  19. Lots of highlights– but the one that stands out at the moment was Big Cypress 1st night at the start of the 3rd set. I was standing on top of the ice pyramid just as the opening notes of Chalkdust sailed out over the crowd. What a view I could see the entire festival grounds! I felt like I was on top of hte world. I started to get down and then reality set in as I realized that the top of a pyramid-made-out-of-freaking-ice might not be the best place to do this; especially since I wasn’t so interested in doing a face plant from 15 feet off the ground. I slowly slid/slipped/crawled back down the slippery step (it was so much easier going up!) and proceeded to party down with the relief of knowing that I’d keep my skull intact.

  20. Taking a solo trip on the ferris wheel and Big Cypress – up in the sky I was able to take in the sheer magnitude of what I was a part of – I actually let out a little gasp of delight!

  21. My favorite moment was at my 1st and only festival (festival 8) when phish started the weekend off with Party Time! Great way to start a phishy weekend.

  22. My favorite festival moment was realizing that after abandoning our car and hiking a couple miles through fields that we were actually going to make it into Coventry. My least favorite was worrying I’d drown in the Coventry mud while I slept.

  23. while all of big cypress was my favorite festival moments, The icculus from Camp Oswego stands out as being my 1st icculus and a very funny narration!

  24. I’ve been to three of the festivals (Clifford Ball, Big Cypress, It), and my favorite moment was the “After Midnight” in the afternoon set on 12/31. It got everyone super-pumped up, and I remember even walking back to the campsite, the energy and anticipation of the midnight set was crazy.

  25. The buzz all day long about what was going down on top of the control tower at IT and then the late night jam.

  26. My first show was Darien Lake on the way to the Went. Nothing beats the invasion when you all are pulling in and setting up and the moment they strike that first note after the traffic the rain, realizing what I forgot to bring. Makisupa > Harpua. What?!? I didn’t even know what I was hearing at the time.

  27. My favorite festival moment has to be when Phish stepped out on the stage for the first time at The Clifford Ball.
    It was like we were all in on one of the biggest practical jokes of all time. I couldn’t believe Phish had pulled something like that off…and by the expression on the band’s faces, neither could they. Cue Chalkdust and one of my favorite shows. Still my favorite festival. Maybe because it felt special that it was the first one.

  28. I remember the run up to the IT festival in Maine. Being on the I-95 heading north from Boston, getting further and further away from civilization, yet getting involved in more and more traffic. We were all heading to the same place, like some kind of groove lemmings looking for the promised land! Pulling into the overflow lot just a few hours before gates officially opened, then the great land race to claim your spot and set up your new home for 3 days of fun!

  29. Sometime during Drowned, I turned to a friend and asked, “how long have they been on, like 90 minutes”? I was shocked then he told me it had been hours and even more shocked when they went back into After Midnight.

  30. Walking to Coventry with thousands of others. It felt kinda like a civil rights march but for music.

  31. Best Festival Moment was @ IT because it was my first ever Phish show. I got so caught up in the scene, the music and the moment that I forgot about everything else that i listen to and turned into a Phishead.

  32. How about when they spontaneously invited Ben and Jerry up on stage during Brother at the Clifford Ball! The first time I saw that I laughed my ass off…now I just love that version for the amazing vocal stylings of B & J.

  33. My favorite moment was the Art Jam at Great Went when Phish had the crowd pass their piece of art across the sea of people in the crowd to be added to the pile that had been growing during the Festival. Then they lit it on fire in an act of great symbolism that the band and crowd are one.

  34. My favorite Phish festival moment is winning tickets through this giveaway to make it possible for me to go to SuperballIX from Mississippi

  35. Festival 8 is where I celebreated my 40th birthday, and my amazing wife to my surprise made custom t’shirts for everyone in our group. She also bought an eye-catching B’day hat so I literally got over 150 “happy birthdays” from Phans. You can check out the pics from that weekend. The night culminated with the most incredible ‘Hood” with the famous Burble right over our heads. J

  36. Super sketch wook guy walks up to us at our campsite and asks to buy our tickets. We actually needed tickets and when he found out we needed 2 for day 2, he gave us 2 from a stack that he had in his pocket. Thanks random wook!

  37. I made a new friend when I got lost the first night at Big Cypress. I let him use my map and forgot to get it back. For the rest of the festival, and for a while after, I was sad because I was the only one of my friends who didn’t have the keepsake map. Flash forward to Fall 2000. I transferred to a new college. My first night after moving into the dorms, someone knocks on my door. It’s the guy I met at Big Cypress. Without saying anything, he turns around and runs down the hall. I hear a door slam twice,and then he’s back. In his hand is my Big Cypress map. He had knocked on my door by mistake (he was meeting up with a friend to head to a campus party.) So, he asks if I want to join them, and that’s how I met my first friends at my new school. Oh, and I still have the map.

  38. DWD>What’s the use>scent of a mule @ Alpine last summer was one moment I will never forget… Totally immursed in the vibe.

  39. DWD>What’s the use>scent of a mule at Alpine last summer was one moment I will never forget… Totally immursed in the vibe.

  40. the halloween set at festival 8 was my first phish festival and first halloween show! and the venue that held fest 8 was one of the most beautiful places ive even been

  41. Festival 8, first night, opening with Party Time. Letting the fans all know that this time-honored Phish tradition was not over with 3.0 Phish.

  42. One of my all time favorite festival moments is from the Clifford Ball. There was a little hill between Ball Square and the main concert field that provided the perfect view, sitting or standing. As the band started the second set, first night with Split Open and Melt from where we sat, the stage literally looked as if it was alive, growing huge in the lights until it finally split open and oozed Kuroda magic. I’ll never forget that scene.

  43. Big Cypress. At the beginning of Sand, turning to my mates and warning them that the dancing was on. I really should have paced myself . . .

  44. Went to Big Cypress, Coventry and Fest8 … great times (well, except Coventry), but I’m going to cheat and call the Hampton09 shows a festival. Missed my plane that morning, had a nervous, shitty hassle of a day. Had to race straight from the airport to the venue, had to ask some wook strangers if i could stash my suitcase in their van, not knowing if I’d ever see it again. BARELY made it inside in time. And then … I magically found my friends, the lights went down and Trey busted out the opening notes of Fluffhead. The feeling of joy that washed over my body cannot be properly expressed in words. It was probably the greatest feeling of my lifetime, and I literally shed tears. The boys were back, and despite ridiculous obstacles, I was there to see it.

  45. All time favorite moment was the eruption that came from the crowd when page started Loving Cup at Festival 8

  46. My favorite #phish festival moment was when Trey winked at me during Divided Sky at Clifford Ball @Hidden_Track

  47. @ Festival 8 I meet up with ALL MY PHRIENDS right as the acoustic set began and felt eternal joy and never ending splendor!

  48. I was at the Clifford ball during the afternoon of the first day. I was just kind of wandering around the ball square when I stumbled upon this magician. Now, at this point in the day I was pretty out there so I walked up to this magician and was just checking it out. He was asking me to help him so I was. Some of the stuff this guy was blowing my mind, I dont know how long I was there but by the time I turned around to leave there were about thirty or fourty people behind me watching this magic show. So I decided to say my goodbyes to the magician and walk around a little more. Whats this a wedding? I watched that entire wedding and even got to break some bread with the newlyweds. What an afternoon! Oh yeah, and the Mikes song through weekapaugh way in the back up on the runway, by myself. I was having the time of my life. That weekend was [email protected]#$king awesome! I will never forget it.

  49. Lounging on the roof of an RV and watching the “Tower Jam” in the middle of the night at the IT festival!…. it was amazing!!!

  50. Big Cypress 7 hour jam to bring in the new year starting off with After Midnight. i know they can top this moment at SB9 in some way… See you there.

  51. My favorite festival moment was the whole scene up at Coventry. What a great job they did with all the logistics like traffic, security and just everything. But to be more specific, Trey doing such a stellar job with Wading In the Velvet Sea!

  52. Being with my brothers and watching my one brother dressed up like ace ventura in a tootoo, and the other one dressed like a nerd with his pants all jacked up dancing around like fools at Festival 8.

  53. deciding that we drove all the way to coventry and sat in traffic, walking a few more miles was just a fitting end to the journey and turning back was not an option.

  54. The traffic jam at Coventry. Being stuck in traffic for 53 hours with your best friends trying to pass the time was one of the most trying but also one of the most fun times in my life!

  55. It will be Superball 9 because it will be my first moments experiencing the utter nirvana that is a Phish festival.

  56. At Hampton March 2010 when the guy rockin’ out next to me turned and shouted at me “THIS IS BEST FIRST SET EVER!!!!” and I replied “Dude, the show hasn’t started yet”

  57. My Favorite Phish fest memory was standing on the huge ice block pyramid at the rear of the “venue” at Big Cyprus during their first opening set on 12-30. There was literally a huge 15 foot tall (or so) pyramid of enormous ice blocks stacked up, melting in the sun. It was hot and Sunny, but standing on all that ice felt so good after waiting in all that traffic and provided a spectacular view over the heads of everyone else.

  58. My favorite Festival Moment was the 1st Set of Big Cypress Corinna Corinna and Light Up or Leave Me Alone Bust Outs !

  59. My favorite Phish festival moment was at Festival 8 when I watched an impromptu wrestling match between Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Hulkster … all to the sweet hums of a Phish-filled soundtrack.

  60. My favorite Festival Moment was being stranded on “Alligator Alley” with a caravan of Friends!

  61. I would have to say the Tower Jam at IT. Phish was like the Pied Piper summoning us all to the Tower that night while playing and watching the aerialists decend down the tower. I still get chills thinking about that night and how the lights on the top of the tower were.

    Thank you Phish!

  62. I hate to be redundant, but there really has never been, and never will be, another moment like the midnight set @ Big Cypress. So hard to believe it’s over 11 years ago already. Runner up: Acoustic 8.

  63. driving 36 hours waiting in line 12 hours for It and feeling validated with the first song. My first Ac/dc bag.

  64. Favorite festival moment was my first slave at big cypress, I was floating off the ground when i heard the intro.

  65. Festival 8, because it’s the only one I was at! The others might be better musically, but you can’t beat being there!

  66. I’ve only been to Festival 8, which was basically my second Phish experience after I scored free tickets to Fenway 2009. It was the first time I had heard most Phish songs live and I was completely blown away. I’ve seen them 24 more times since then.

  67. Festival 8 is the only Phish festival I’ve attended. My favorite part was probably the phenomenal Suzy with horns and Sharon Jones!

  68. My first Phish experience was 1997 at the great went. my cousin was a senior in college, i was about to be a freshman in high school. he used to stop at my folks house while he was on tour to do laundry and eat a real meal or two. he told my parents we were goin to stay with his family in upstate new york for a couple of weeks. my parents gave him 800 dollars cash and said have fun. i didnt even know what was goin on until we picked up a couple of his college buddies. By far the coolest experience of my life. Ive been chasing that feeling ever since.

  69. Clifford Ball, hearing the first notes of AC/DC bag and it turning around what had started as a bad trip turned out to be a wonderful experience. I danced the rest of the day into night like a ballerina gnome.

  70. Though not an official “Festival”, Camp Oswego was my first taste of Phish summer weekend outings. The “Tube” that opened up that weekend will forever be etched in my brain. We had waited for an hour or two at the rope so that we could get up front for the beginning of the show. When the rope dropped we sprinted to the rail and waited for the boys to take the stage. They jumped into Tube and the place was rocking. Awesome (and hot) weekend!

  71. hrmmm where to begin. I could go with Big Cypress… But for this i am gonna have to go with Coventry. Now many may frown about my decision but let me first say that attending a Phish festival is not entirely about the music, it is also about the adventure and times had while getting there. Being that the festival was in Vermont i knew this was gonna be one hell of a trip. My trip started a few days prior down in ATL. Go Braves! Having been born and raised on the west coast i knew this roadtrip was gonna be a great time to explore the east. I could go on forever about all the details and awesome people and places i saw, but ill spare you. Mainly want to get the point across that when attending a festival, getting there is more than half the fun.

  72. been to toons of festivals since my first on in 2000, including a my senior high prom, which was Keller Williams Freek Fest….

    “Ahhhh fuck the bozo’s”
    Brad Pitt 12 Monkeys…

  73. My only festival experience was Camp Oswego. It was friggin hot I remember setting up a tarp between our groups car to have some bit of shade. I loved the sit ins that weekend with Del McCoury and Son Seals. and the Piper is out of this world!

  74. Only Phish fest I’ve been to was Clifford Ball. Aside from some of the most amazing performances I’ve seen as a phan, I loved the “flat bed” jam. An older fella working security tugged on my shirt and said, “Head straight for that tower, the band is out here.” We ran our butts of and sure enough there they were, staring into space, playing a spacey jam on the back of a flatbed. We followed them and jumped in unison to the grove. I managed to break their “trance” by giving them a “Thanks boys”, and they all looked up for a second and smiled. A couple minutes later, the truck sped off, and we were back to the party. Such a great memory!

  75. The all night set at Big Cypress. The realization an hour or two in that my world would never be the same.

  76. I was at the Phish concert in Utica, and it happened to fall on my birthday, Oct. 20. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen by them! It was so electric. Anyways, there was this guy who was tripping on god knows what, and every time phish played more than one song mixed together, he was bugging out and yelling. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. It got to the point where he was tripping so hard, he was dancing like a maniac, and flailing his body everywhere. His arms and elbows were flying around hitting many people. Security had to come and take him out, even though the fans were loving him. The best part was, is that he was some fat guy with no shirt on. Yeah, as an 19 year old, that was quite the experience to see. I promise that if I win the tickets to the festival, I will be that guy going crazy. Please pick me!!!


  77. 4 days of rain, muck and subpar music has me looking forward to Superball IX and a better festi experience!

  78. My favorite Festival experience also happens to be one of my all time favorite concert experiences. It was the 2nd night of Clifford Ball 1996. I had never been around a crowd as large as that before. The whole adventure of driving up to (way)upstate New York and being around 80,000 like minded people for the first time in my semi-adult life. For most of the weekend, I stayed up front, Fishside. But for some reason, by the end of the second night I made my way towards the back of the audience. I remember clearly when they began to play Harry Hood,(which happen to be my favorite song at the time) I continued to move through the crowd towards the back, up a slight incline during the beginning and middle jam of the song. By the time they got to the crescendo “You can feel good about hood” I turned around to look at the stage. Fireworks were going off behind the stage. CK5’s lights were illuminating not only the band but the 80k that I had just maneuvered through that were perceptually below me and between the me and the stage. I could not help but jump up and down with an enormous perma~grin on my face. Being my (and THE) first festival, seeing all those people, seeing my favorite band, hearing my favorite song. I remember saying “I want to do this for the rest of my life”.

  79. My favourite Phish festival moment was when I gave Fishman the nod to go into After Midnight Reprise at Big Cypress. You’re welcome.

  80. Glowstick wars during the hood at the Went! For better or worse, a complete paradigm shift in the phan experience!

  81. after midnight big cypress 12/31/99. I would love to make the trek out to Superball but its probably not in the cards.

  82. Big Cypress, when Phish played “Auld Lang Syne”. The vibe was electrifying – pure excitement. Laughter, tears of joy, hugs from friends and strangers (who were also friends)…and the knowledge that Phish was embarking on the unbelievable trek that would last until sunrise. That moment has stayed with me ever since.

  83. 50 Phish shows……18 years following this wonderful band…..and Superball 9 will be my first Phish Festival.

    Had a spot in a ride to Clifford Ball in 96 and biffed it…

    As Trey used to say….D’oh !

  84. The segue from SOAMelt into Catapult with IMPROVISED harmony vocals during the early set on 12/31/99. Unbelievable.

  85. Dancing with my sister to “Good Day Sunshine” while watching the sun come up in Big Cypress as Phish completes an inhumanly long, amazing set.

  86. My favorite Phish festival moment is hearing Exile On Main St. performed in its entirety while wearing a nun costume and standing in a lush polo field in the middle of the California desert. It still feels surreal.

  87. Seeing Tweezer Reprise for the first time at Camp Oswego in ’99…. that and chillin’ next to mounted police doing whip-its out of a whip cream cracker with Dead stickers all over it 😀

  88. Leaving New Years 2000 show and my buddy says “Is that it? Its over?” (after 8 hours of consecutive jamming)

  89. Hearing weird noises in the distance and my sister-in-law running towards the tower down the runway yelling “Its Phish” at IT

  90. Meatstick @ camp Oswego was pretty significant. Icculus was also pretty memorable. Meeting that kid Andrew who introduced me to a bunch of people from NY was an awesome experience too. I want to experience more of that.

  91. At the Great Went, waking up to realizing that mt tent was floating in the swell of water due to the rain.

  92. Musically speaking, Halley’s Comet as is bleeds into blissful space noodles and then chunky summer funk.

  93. One of my favorite moments at a festival was in ’99 at Oswego. It was my first festival and I was in awe of the spectacles around every corner. It was sweltering hot but I was fully submersed in every note of the music. So muchso that I neglected to wear any protection from the sun in sky. I returned from a life changing event with a face so blistered that my own sister didn’t recognize me when I knocked on her door.

  94. Getting into the Went ticketless by hiding under my friends sleeping bag fake sleeping. 75 bucks in my pocket. Getting out of our van and seeing that huge thumbs up on one of the hangers and knowing everything was gonna be alright.

  95. My fav moment in my limited Phish fest career would have to be experiencing total bliss during Brian and Robert of the acoustic set and shedding a tear for the first and only time at a Phish show. Nowhere in the world I would have rather been than there sitting beside my buds at that moment. Felt so lucky to be there and really take it all in.

  96. ive never been to a phish festival and im dying to go have these experiences im reading about!! please!!!

  97. Impossible to pick from tightness played, clifford ball and beyond have all been super duper fun live or on tape!

  98. Lemonwheel day1 sets of insanity (first set start > end), great went day 2 day sets phishfire, oswego day 2 heat driven sets all OMG… Funny trying to pick.. too many moments. Cypress again… Always blown away by show heard, but didn’t make go to the festival.. My personal set favorite (taper Dat live = almost in person!) was clifford ball Set 08*16*96 2: Split Open and Melt, Sparkle > Free, The Squirming Coil, Waste[1], Talk[1], Train Song[1], Strange Design[1], Hello My Baby, Mike’s Song -> Simple -> Contact > Weekapaug Groove
    Can’t say best moment bc not possilbe to pick 1 of too many = moments… but this is pretty unbeatable for greatest hits..

  99. Best Fest moment would have to be the enormous light stick war during the Ghost at IT. So funky and such a sight to see, they turned off lights at one point.

  100. The moment the boys took the stage at the Clifford Ball, you could see the amazement on their faces. They knew this was the start of something special.

  101. My favorite Phish festy, was my only. Big Cypress 1999. Still one of the most epic dates in Phistory. Drove 32 hours from Iowa with my buddy, only to sit in traffic for another 12.

    We shared a tiny tent, had very little food, and it was hot as balls.

    But the moment the band came on, all was well. And I giggled the whole time seeing the band break out the Hot Dog again and parade it through the crowd on NYE. Unbelievable, and unforgettable!

  102. My favorite moment was at Lemonwheel. It was about 5:30a.m., I was frying up some eggs and sausage. We were camped in the very outskirts of the site. My wife and I were talking about the great first night, and were amazed when an enormous moose just came strolling by. He was in no hurry whatsoever. He and I shared a few seconds of eye contact and he moved along. We just thought that was the coolest thing ever. For two citydwellers like us, it made for one vivid memory never to be forgotten. I can see him now. What an impressive animal. I know that really has nothing to do with the band, but I think they would understand that being my most memorable moment. They always say, it’s not about them at festivals, it’s about the experience.

  103. this is a silly one but another time was at Oswego between the 2nd and 3rd sets. Everyone’s sitting on the ground pretty beat up and inebriated from the previous 2 sets and trying to catch their breaths. My friend and I brought bubbles into the show and starting blowing smoke bubbles to pass the time. I managed to blow one rather massive bubble filled with smoke that started drifting over the crowd. My friends and I all just sat there watching it to see when it would pop so the smoke would drift out. The crazy thing is that this bubble would NOT pop. Everyone seated in our immediate area (which had to be 2-300 people) just followed it as it floated so it was gaining more and more attention. Finally, right when the PA cut off and the set break music stopped, the bubble finally popped and I kid you not, what had to be 1,000 people in our area started clapping and cheering.

  104. Finishing a cross country trip with my girlfriend (now my wife) at IT. We now have a 4, 3, and 1 year old. For the love of Pete…we need this.

  105. Originally Posted by DZ_Vacation
    Sneaking a 30 pack of beer into the concert field on 10/31/09. I had a broken foot and rented a rascal scooter from one of the many senior citizen medical outlets in Palm Spings. This thing was brand new…right outta the box. Decorated that thing up fully, turned the basket on front into a cooler. Stickers all over it. Anyway I hid a 30 pack on the floor board and wrapped it up with a towl and used it as a foot rest. Without that scooter, there is no way I would have been able to attend or enjoy that festival. Ghost-riding through campsites. Scooter jousting, scooter tipping, scooter chicken. Plus it was a great rally point for the entire crew. Just put the crutches up high on the back of the seat = Landmark

  106. Sneaking a 30 pack of beer into the concert field on 10/31/09. I had a broken foot and rented a rascal scooter from one of the many senior citizen medical outlets in Palm Spings. This thing was brand new…right outta the box. Decorated that thing up fully, turned the basket on front into a cooler. Stickers all over it. Anyway I hid a 30 pack on the floor board and wrapped it up with a towl and used it as a foot rest. Without that scooter, there is no way I would have been able to attend or enjoy that festival. Ghost-riding through campsites. Scooter jousting, scooter tipping, scooter chicken. Plus it was a great rally point for the entire crew. Just put the crutches up high on the back of the seat = Landmark

  107. My favorite festival moment was the 26 hour trip from Camden to Coventry. No way that blew! My favorite moment was at Camp Oswego first night sick Timber and YEM. Boy Man God Shit Sunburn.

  108. Pulling into Clifford Ball and seeing that organized chaos was about to take place, and soon the rest of the U.S. will realize festivals can actually make it. Lolla and Horde were traveling in the 90’s, but this was something to behold at that time.
    I may not know a lot about a lot, but I do know a little about a little.

  109. My favorite festival moment was waking up one morning at Clifford Ball … having a cup of coffee and spending the time with one of my best friends on the planet, and realizing just how precious life is. 🙂

  110. I just got my first “real job” right before Coventry and found myself transplanted out to Indianapolis. After an amazing summer of seeing Phish, The Dead, and even yes, DMB, at Deer Creek I mulled over doing the drive and risking my job or becoming an adult. Needless to say, I #movietheatretour’d the show from a place in Indy. I brought my favorite show with me and gave it away to a couple I met at a restaurant bar near the theatre (09/15/00- home to the funkiest “Tube” you will ever hear). During the first song, a dude got popped for smoking weed as we all sat back and chuckled. Fire code dude. At least take it to the parking garages near by. By the 2nd set a glowstick war broke out inside. Even thought I was not knee deep in mud, my festival experience broke out. A “moment” meeting new “phriends” and seeing old “phriends” get the boot for smoking a bowl. Oh Phish, how I adore thee.

  111. This is too easy. Clifford Ball.

    Pulling in at 5AM, proceeding to pound beers with friends new and old until 11 then taking a short nap only to wake up to one of the most intense two night stands I can think of. Thank you Phish for releasing this. It really is hard to believe it’s been 15 years.

  112. My favorite Phish festival moment was during the acoustic set at Festival 8 when they played McGrupp. I tapped on my buddy Phil’s back and said with disbelief: “Is this McGrupp?”

  113. Trudging through mud at Coventry was a blast. When Page started crying during “Wading in the Velvet Sea” I nearly lost it. I will never forget that moment.

  114. My most memorable Phish festival moment was when I was 9 years old at Camp Oswego. They start doing the Meatstick dance and my dad decides to take me ALL the way up front with me on his shoulders. He manages to maneuver to the rail right in front of Trey in time for Guyute> Axilla> Llama. My jaw was just about on the ground when Trey started to play the guitar with his teeth during the end of Llama, I will never forget how I was both extremely frightened and amazed at the same time. My life was dramatically changed during that moment.

  115. My best festival moment is hopefully going to be getting to go to SuperBall IX this year!! I skipped one of my college classes because I was so excited and waiting all day to see the festival announced.

  116. My favorite phish moment at a fest was at the great went when they opened with makisupa at exactly 4:20 on the dot. I new we were instore for a special weekend

  117. Deep space wolfman’s, fest 8. Kuroda was running the lights along the trees that flanked the stage, amazing.

  118. fav fest moment: Halley’s Comet > Cities from the Great Went. Slow funk “Dark, dark in the daytime. Fishman sleeps, he sleeps in the day time, if he wants to, if he wants to .”
    I love the tempo of the cities song and jams and I love the thick funk textures. Things really get tight and melodic right before they segue into Llama after cities.

  119. At Coventry with my friend Matt. We had journeyed from Long Beach, CA and made it in before they shut the roads down. We had been on but not gotten into any of the shows prior to Covenrty.

    As has been reported far and wide, Coventry was less than respelndent.

    But the sheer love of those that hiked through muck and bramble showed this band and the comraderie I partook in helping those cars that had made it in but were stuck in the mud to escape was something I will remember and cherish until I die.

    For me it encapsulated everything I love about the band, that sense of togetherness and exploration, the feeling that is summed up quite well at the end of Bathtub Gin: “We’re all in this together and we love to take a bath.”

    That’s my favorite Phish festival moment.

  120. At the Deer Creek show summer of 2009. The lightning storm that started right into ‘The Wedge’ and ‘Fluffhead’..during fluffhead the lightning would crack above the crowd and everyone would burst into cheering. I have never seen lightning like that in my life, then the heavy rain walking out of the show, everyone just cheers. So much energy at that show, plus I snuck up front under the amphitheater and didn’t have to deal with returning to the tents for the ‘break for storm’. One of many awesome times.

  121. 2001 at Festival 8 when the fire towers were going off. My wife and I were going nuts…too much fun!

  122. This is tough, but my favorite festivals attended were Big Cypress and The It. My favorite moment from Cypress was of course the overnight set, but the best placed cover and greatest moment was the After Midnight to close out the afternoon set. The Tower jam at the IT was quite possibly the most bizarre, coolest thing I’ve ever seen them do live. Just fortunate to still awake and watched the entire thing from a little hillside next to the tower.

  123. Favorite fest moment: Running into my cousin at IT because there was no cell reception and no idea how i’d find her!

  124. From the opening notes of Chalkdust at the Clifford Ball, dancing barefoot in sand? During the daytime with this incredible speaker tower midway back in crowd just pumping this incredible crisp sound, knew immediately we were “in for it”

  125. Not a Fest, but hearing the opening notes of ‘Fluffhead’ at Hampton ’09, after a long break(hiatus), was pretty special and opening with ‘Sanity’ the third night=sweet.

  126. My favorite moment was walking back to the campground on 1/1/00. Phish had just played their hearts out and we all made it until dawn. Walking out of the concert field while “Here Comes The Sun” played over the PA gave me a sense of contentment rarely felt.

  127. mellow mood during IT. i was hot, sweaty and feeling all and all shitty when they busted this out and everything was alright!

  128. Please don’t pick me for the grand prize. After sitting sixteen hours in traffic at the IT festival, I vowed never to attend another Phish festival. I skipped Coventry – too bad, cause I heard they were tight and really ripping. OK, I had a blast at the IT festival once I got in, forsook the tower jam to have a sing-along at the campsite, and was wowed at the darkness of the 46 days jam – but belive me, that was it. Nothing else was fun about that festival. Not meeting a couple of folks who became close friends, and tour buds. Wait a minute, I guess that was OK too. But really that was it. The fact that I am tied up for my “home-town” Bethel shows and can’t go with my son, who has been tugging at me to see when the next shows are (we’ve been to the last two Father’s Day shows at SPAC – in’04 when he was 9 and last year when he was 14) really should not come in to play here. Plus 4th of July is really fun on the lake where I live – I just wouldn’t want to be forced to leave because I won tickets. Just don’t pick me for the grand prize OK. I mean, really, making more lasting Phish memories with my son, just isn’t worth it. You understand right?

  129. The Split Open and Melt at Big Cypress literally melted my face. And then I got lost after the set and just wandered for 3 hours to find my tent.

  130. For me it was JJ Cales/ eric Claptons After Midnight as a set closer b4 the all night set. Perfect Song choice, well played and just made so much sense as a song choice between between sets. Perfect all around

  131. Favorite Phish festie moment: CHEESECAKE! (in an angry voice) .. and all of the great music that came out of that marathon set. Incredible.

  132. Favorite Phish Festial Moment –
    Watching the color-changing burple-blimp flying overhead during the Harry Hood jam at 8

  133. My favorite Phish fest moment was walking in to Coventry on Sunday morning (had a wedding Saturday night) and just feeling like I’d entered some kind of crazy warzone.

  134. My favorite Phish festival moment? The Art Jam -> Harry Hood, second set, second night at the Went. I would give anything to have been on tour in summer ’97….

  135. HT Giveaway – You can make it for me…enjoying myself at Phish shows since ’94, but never, ever been to one of the momentous festivals — make this phan’s dream a reality! Pick Me!!

  136. Walking 10 miles into IT for no good reason. And walking 15 miles into coventry for good reasons.

  137. The Field of Heaven…beautiful trees, mountains and rivers, lavender, dragonflies, breezes, amazing people. The perfect setting for awesome Phish!

  138. Standing on top of the ice Pyramid in Florida during the first nights Mikes Groove. It was my 5th show and first Mikes Groove. =)

  139. Far and away my favorite festival moment was Mike’s Song at Big Cypress – the spaceship was taking off and we were going along for the ride!

  140. Favorite Phish Festival Moment: At Festival 8 I was dressed as David the Gnome (80’s children’s cartoon) for Halloween. I had gotten a few responses like “oh, the Travelocity gnome!” but then someone came up and said, “David! Where’s your wife Sarah?! And Swift the fox?!” It was then I knew I had struck a chord. And the blurble. That thing was crazy.

  141. My favorite memory is the entire Clifford Ball festival from the second we pulled in until the mad dash to get out. Simply an amazing few days and my favorite festival experience and probably my most fond teen memory to boot. Phish ruined me for any other live band I have seen (mostly) and I love them for it…

  142. Since 3.0 highlights seem to be in the minority, I will say: acoustic Wilson @ Phest 8, which includes stand / up sit down permission & an A.D.D shoutout from Trey. Great way to start a perfect Sunday in Cali.

  143. My favorite Phestival moment was bouncing in the moon bounce during Lizards at Clifford Ball, though riding the ferris wheel at Great Went would be a close 2nd.

  144. Sitting in La Guardia Airport waiting for my flight out to Cali when loving cup came on in a Hudson News store that I had just walked into. Meant nothing to me then even though I realized it had come on. When I found out the Halloween set was exile on main street, it was a pretty magical moment.

  145. My favorite Phish festival moment was the Burble clouds at Festival 8. Even the band was completely in awe, such a cool moment.

  146. Mine came at the IT festival. I was working at the fest. I was up in the rafters above the stage on Page side. I met Mike’s step-sister. I had with me a photo I took of her and a couple of friends at Big Cypress. After the set, I approached her and gave her the photo. She said, “Oh My God! Where did you get that photo?” I told her that I took it in Florida. She remembered. We talked for about 10 minutes as we left the stage area.

  147. Favorite Phish Festival moment would be them jamming out with Bruce to Mustang Sally at Bonnaroo in 2009. First time seeing Phish at a festival and their two sets were epic.

  148. i’ve only been to the last 3 phish festivals, but i’d say my most memorable moment was probably being with my long time friends from UVM (jenn & jeff) at the peak of the loving cup jam during festival 8’s halloween set. the energy was incredible, and i remember not being able to stop jumping up & down. we’re all still amazed to this day, how high we were all able to physically jump, and how we didn’t tire in the least. without a doubt, the pinnacle of ’09 for me!

  149. My favorite Phish festival moment was sitting under the tree with the giant paper airplane at Big Cypress, at sunset, and just taking it all in!

  150. Parking my car at It after spending in it 24 hours and not moving one inch the night before, the day after the bar exam.

  151. Parking my car and walking 10 miles along with thousands of other fans to see Coventry. Walking back= NOT MUCH FUN!

  152. my favorite festival moment was the clifford ball symphony set. I had no idea that Phish was so big until 70000 people arrived in Plattsburgh.

  153. The official announcement of SuberBall IX since having my dreams crushed in 2004 of having never seen Phish and not being allowed to go to Coventry as a sophomore in high school.

  154. the art jam at the great went when both band and audience were unified then the bounce into harry hood!

  155. Getting too lifted for the Acoustic Set at 8. Thankfully, they had couches at the back of the grounds.

  156. My favorite Phish festival moment is a collection, really, from driving into Clifford Ball (A Beacon of Light in the World of Flight) until the first notes were played. Every moment was a new discovery.

  157. My favorite festival moment, hands down, has got to be the midnight to sunrise set at Big Cypress. Transported through and transcending time and space, the music and energy was the stuff of magic. I discovered the meaning of life that night… but, alas and alack, I forgot to write it down. Hopefully I’ll win a pair of tickets to SuperBall IX to rediscover what IT’s all about!

    (Speaking of IT- 2nd runner up in favorite fest moments: The Tower Jam at IT. One of the most sinistrally creative moments ever to surge from the boys, top to bottom. I couldn’t believe my senses.)

  158. I’ve only made it to half of the festivals so far and although The Went will always be special for being my first and just totally blowing me away for the sheer magnitude of it all, I think my favorite single moment had to be the Harry Hood drum roll tease from Fishman before the sunrise 2001 at Big Cypress. I feel good about Hood, but in 98-99 the song seemed to pop up a little too often in really special places in setlists and I was a bit tired of it. The drum tease completely fooled me and was the perfect way to end a magical weekend.

    So many others: the Lemonwheel’s Silent in the Morning, Went’s 2001 art project->Hood, Cypress After Midnight and all the energy and excitement from the end of the first set until midnight and then pure musical bliss until sunrise.

    Although not technically a festival moment, hearing CHEESECAKE anywhere and everywhere up I-95 on the way back north from FLA was really cool as well.

  159. Never been to a festival, gotta imagine that playing while the sun came up must have been pretty freakin special at big cyrpress.

  160. The Tower Jam At IT, I remember being in the woods and all of sudden being led by light and music out of the woods to this wonderful Tower where very ambient funky dark music was coming from Phish’s instruments. It was a headfull of musical exploration

  161. I have never been to a Festy, but I listened to the Halloween set on my SiriusXM radio when the played Exile on Main Street (my favorite album of all time) at the 8 Festival in Indio, CA. Killer show!

  162. It’s gotta be one of two things. Either the amazing Went Gin. Could listen to that forever. I watching the Exile set from Fest 8!

  163. I’ve always gotta go with The Tower Jam from It as my favorite festival moment. Pure, weird magic.

  164. During the Great Went Cities when Trey sings, “Fishman sleeps, sleeps in the day time, if he wants to, if he wants TO!”

    Hilarious, and such a thick and funky version

  165. Favorite #phish fest moment was the Ghost glowstick war at IT. Was ctr stage just behind the rail, perfect view to take it in. First time I was ever able to be ‘in it’ – still get goosebumps thinking about it.

  166. Entering Clifford Ball and realizing that I was in a new world. It blew my mind and I will never forget the energy from that whole weekend.

  167. fav fest moment is waking up at fest8 and watching an animated version of phish play on the Simpsons on the biggest TV screen I’ve ever seen, Happy Halloween

  168. My favorite Phish festival moment was when I was just about to hit the hay at IT and the Tower Jam kicked off. I didn’t go to sleep until the next night.

  169. My best memory was being camped very close to the tower at IT, i actually woke up at the beginning of the set, stuck my head out the tent and watched it from there. Incredible, dream-like.

  170. My phavorite phish phestival moments include waking up soaked in a puddle in my tent at the great went, falling asleep during the ambient jam at the lemonwheel, forgetting shorts for Osweego and surviving Y2K at Cypress….and the music was amazing too!!!!

  171. Favorite Festy moment was hopping in the back of a locals pick up for a 20 minute ride along dirt roads, past farms, swamps, and woods to be dropped at the edge of another road, where we hiked a few miles to get in to Coventry…As we walked through the Festy grounds we heard the first chords of the opener, thinking it was the last Festival opener ever going to be played…Thank friggin jeebus it wasn’t.

  172. My favorite Phish Phest moment was the opening notes of “Party Time” to open Festival 8. I hadn’t seen Phish since Alpine ’04, so I flew out solo from Atlanta, rented a car in Burbank, made the beautiful drive out through the desert to Indio, walked my bags across the campsite to find my friends and dropped everything just in time to make the opening set. I remember everything sinking in with that moment, and having that feeling of, “Man, I made it home!” This was especially sweet as Phish was on hiatus for most of my high school years, and “broken up” for all of my college years. Finally, with this moment, I was able to start touring appropriately.

  173. Here Comes the Sun playing at the end of the marathon set at Cypress. I’ve never been so satisfied.

  174. My bast phish festival moment was the chalkdust as Clifford Ball. I was standing next to my friend, way in the back and as soon as the boys took the stage and the crowd went nuts we both looked at each other and had the biggest smiles on our faces. After prancing around like little girls for a few second Trey get the party going and it was the beginning of a great weekend.

  175. It was Festival 8, my brother flew out from the east coast and we were waiting for the “gates” to open to run up to the stage on Friday. When the opened, I recorded on my camera all of my phellow phans galloping about 300 yards from where we were to the front of the stage. When we all got settled up front, everyone was so happy and blazin’ down and it was just good times.

  176. My favorite phish fest moment was the walk into Coventry. I’ve never felt so much camaraderie with everyone as we trekked the 15 or so miles, give or take, into the venue. Once we finally arrived at the venue at 4pm, we had very little time to set up camp on our Plastic Sheets, carefully placed over the mud. But we did it, we made it and everyone who made that walk, exhaled a sigh of relief simultaneously. Regardless of the music, it was definitely a memorable experience.

  177. Fav moment was sometime during the Mike’s Song at Cypress (my first show) I just had that WHOA feeling of realizing the magnitude of awesomeness of that festival.

  178. Favorite was definitely the moment I realized they were playing ‘After Midnight’ at Big Cypress. My heart skipped a few beats and a wave of euphoria spread across the entire field. Will never forget that moment.

  179. My favorite Phish festival moment was at Bonnaroo 09. Phish played a mega-set of 3 hours with the coolest accidental YEM>Wilson>YEM. Now, if only I had SBIX tickets!!! 😉

  180. Watching Mike having so much fun playing Exile on Main Street at Fest8. His grin was wide and he was almost dancing. Loved it.

  181. Has to be the original, Clifford Ball. Whole thing was incredible, the flatbed jam in the middle of the night really put a smile on my face. Can’t wait for the next one!!

  182. My favorite #Phish festival moment was “Mike says no” at IT. HAd quite a laugh at that & again when Fluffhead opened Hampton @hidden_track

  183. At the gorge in ’04 (?), there was a cloud above the stage at the start of the set that was in the shape of a perfect fish! And no, not high…everyone in crowd was pointing, laughing and oohing.

  184. Love it everytime I hear the extended Suzy jam from Festival 8 with soulful backup vocals and….HORNS!

  185. I brought one pair of sandles to IT. They broken while running to catch Down with Disease det opener. A kind woman handed me some shoes and said “you need these.” We’ve been friends ever since and I didnt have to rock the fest barefoot!

  186. sitting in traffic for hours and hours and hours, and never even for a moment let it get me down; for i was on track to my “first” phish festival and surrounded by phamily, and I knew it would kick ass! See you at the Glen. God bless America

  187. Its hard to choose anything besides the guy jumping off the water tank at Oswego into the mud over and over. After jumping the nearly 10 ft. into the mud and climbing back up 8 or 9 times the jumper finally asked the growing crowd “who wants to see me do it one more time?” A roar went up and he jumped once more, not a minute later the lights went down and the band came back on for the Meatstick set. Life rolling on at Phish festivals.

  188. The euphoric feeling as they took the stage for the Clifford Ball and hearing the thundering opening chords of Chalkdust.

    What a beatufiul summer evening. A moment and feeling I will never forget.

  189. IT-one of the most magical times in my life! Way too many good stories to write in one comment!

  190. My favorite festival moment is 10.31.09 during the day. This was a hometown festival for me, and at this point was standing around 60 + friends from different parts of my life all together around one large tarp. This crew ranged from elementary school friends to current co-workers. absolutely amazing weekend.

  191. I had a great time at the Lemonwheel drinking fluff lemonade and playing with Trey and Mike magnets. I met up with a friend who had just come back from Europe after an extend stay from the Europe Tour. Fun times says me. Only better at Superball!!!

  192. Finding the lost world at It was incredible. Or maybe wading in knee deep mud at Coventry? Too many moments to pick just one.

  193. first day of IT, third set. the music was making me so happy and content. i opened my eyes and looked at my two best friends feeling and enjoying it in the exact same way as i was. everything we had gone through to get there was all for that moment, and it was possibly the happiest i’ve ever been at a phish show. complete bliss and connection.

  194. Was at the first “ball” in Plattsburgh and the whole weekend was just a surreal experience. I went with a friend of mine who back then was my “Phish” companion. We still see shows together, but the memories from that weekend will always be something I will always cherish.

  195. @ oswego, hearing my friend talk about the “giant marshmallows on sticks”, thinking she took too much, then the next day walking by a huge field with giant marshmallows on sticks… almost fell over laughing while my friend said “seeee, i told you!!!”

  196. Although I do not have a personal festival experience, as I have not been able to attend one, my favorite story is hearing my friend’s stories of her volunteering at Oswego. If I do get the chance to make it to Super Ball, I can bet that finally meeting up with friends from prior shows and bonding through the music of Phish will be my most memorable moment at a Phish Festival.

  197. My favorite Phish Festival Moment was at the conclusion of Lemonwheel: “Baby Elephant Walk” with fireworks. Between the props, sound effects and overall spectacle, I don’t think I’ve laughed harder at any show since. It was truly an unforgettable exclamation point on one of the greatest Phish weekends ever!

  198. my favorite moment was during fest 8 when they covered exile on mainstreet! I was crying it was so beautiful! One of the top 5 experiences of my life!

  199. The whole experience of BIG CYPRESS. How the whole night just ran together. It was amazing!

  200. Favourite moment:
    Page breaking into tears during Wading in the Velvet Sea at Coventry right before the break up.

  201. Clifford Ball 1996, my first Phi$h Phestival…the boys performing Brother w/ Ben & Jerry from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

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