HT Giveaway: Bonnaroo X Tickets

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With a philosophy of “if you build it, they will come,” AC Entertainment and Superfly Presents launched the inaugural Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in June of 2002 with a jam-friendly lineup, inviting live music fans to join them for three days on a farm roughly an hour Southeast of Memphis, TN. Bonnaroo quickly cemented itself as arguably the premier destination music festival in the country by impressively serving up a diverse lineup of the biggest names in music, as well as offering everything from a full slate of comedians to a movie theater to a silent disco, even to a sports bar.

This year Bonnaroo reaches a major milestone moment as the fest turns the ripe old age of ten, and has once again booked a formidable roster of talent from the worlds of rock, folk, jam, hip-hop, country and more. Nodding to its jamband roots the tenth installment of Bonnaroo will be headlined by Widespread Panic, who will be joined at the top of the bill by Eminem, Arcade Fire and the recently reunited Buffalo Springfield.

So why are we telling you all this? Well for our second killer edition of the Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program this week we’ve got a pair of tickets to Bonnaroo X for one lucky HT reader. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us what act are most excited to see at Bonnaroo this year.  You can enter a second time by leaving the your answer to that question on our Facebook wall. You must leave your comment on this page or our Facebook  page by Monday, May 23 at 11:59AM EDT. We’ll pick the winner at random shortly after the contest ends.

Here’s a rundown of the details for this contest…

  • Grand Prize: One pair of tickets to Bonnaroo X
  • To enter the contest leave a comment below telling us who you’re most excited to see at Bonnaroo this year
  • You can enter a second time by posting your answer on our official Facebook page
  • Your comment/Facebook wall posting must be left by 11:59AM EDT on Monday, May 23
  • All entries will tallied at the end of the contest and we’ll determine the winners by using

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133 thoughts on “HT Giveaway: Bonnaroo X Tickets

  1. Jerame Reply

    Buffalo Springfield. How many more chances will we have to see these legends together.

  2. Chris Reply

    Mumford & Sons!!!

  3. Sa Reply

    I would love to see SCI!

  4. Al Reply

    Mumford and Sons. Among others.

  5. Oldin the Grey Reply

    Stephen Stills w/ Buffalo Springfield…and Neil Young. Love, love, love Stephen Stills!!

  6. Brandon Reply

    I’m super excited for The Black Keys!!

  7. thclark Reply

    My morning Jacket and hometown favorites Grace Potter & the nocturnal’s!

  8. James Martin Reply

    So many great artists, but I am definitely excited to see Eminem and Sleigh Bells

  9. Kevin Reply

    Ray Lamontagne! Hopefully He plays at sunset and Hopefully thanks to you guys I will be there!

  10. Michael keckler Reply

    Buffalo springfield

  11. corey Reply


  12. Scott Davis Reply

    Buffalo effing Springfield

  13. Kyle Reply

    Mumford and Sons is going to be ridiculous…. I cant wait.

  14. Sharon Reply

    The Decemberists

  15. Ben Reply

    Hello Mr Soul! Buff Springfield of course!

  16. Kernel_Forbin Reply

    Bela Fleck and the FLECKTONES!

  17. Nell Casey Reply

    Robert Plant & the Band of Joy hellz yeah

  18. PaulyWalnuts Reply

    THE String Cheese Incident’s triumphant return to Bonnaroo, no contest

  19. BJ Fife Reply

    Dr. John – The Meters – Allen Toussaint!

  20. Don Reply

    Buffalo Springfield!!!!

  21. Sam Harris Reply

    Galactic! Don’t know if anyone has said this yet but it’s not an hour southeast of Memphis, maybe Knoxville?

  22. MK Pollard Reply

    I have to say, I can’t decide whether I’m most excited about seeing ROBYN, GRACE POTTER, or LORETTA LYNN! I have to go see these ladies!

  23. KAREN Reply

    I’m excited to see Mumford & Sons. I had to miss them last time because of a schedule conflict.

  24. k Reply

    bruuuuuuuuce hornsby and the noisemakers

  25. Lucas Samuels Reply

    Andrea Belanger because she chose my good friend from Toronto to be her lead guitarist for her backing band! It’ll be his and her first Bonnaroo performance (their both Berklee grads aka dropouts)!!!

  26. Jay Reply

    I firmly believe the fact that I have the chance to see Buffalo Springfield for the first time makes me skipping work for this completely acceptable. . . .

  27. John Gkynn Reply

    Most excited? Dr John and the Original Meters! How can the original artists performing the inspiration for the name behind this iconic fest not be the highlight?

  28. Brian Reply

    Buffalo Springfield for sure

  29. Lew Reply

    Primus!!!! Now all I need is some tickets! Teeheehee!

  30. pocketbuddhasc Reply

    Dr. John – no question…

  31. JSF3000 Reply

    The Arcade Fire, because Regine brings the heat.

  32. Angelina Broschart Reply

    I want to seeee My Morning Jacket and Arcade Fire sooooo incredibly BaD!!!! And who wouldn’t mind watching the sexy Grace Potter ;D

  33. Natalie Reply

    The Decemberists & Mumford and Sons!!

  34. Garrett Bethmann Reply

    Pretty Lights! Lights, Grooves, and Live Drums! So excited

  35. parks Reply

    My Morning Jacket is going to light up Manchester.

  36. Dan Ettinger Reply

    Definitely My Morning Jacket to hear all the new tracks!

  37. Tim K Reply

    Buffalo Springfield

  38. Schiff Happens Reply

    I can’t decide so I’ll give you three – MMJ and Mumford & Sons as acts I’d be seeing for the first time ever, and Eminem because his live show killed way back in high school and I’d love to see what he does with the festival spotlight. Now gimme them tickets!!!

  39. Celeste Reply

    Scissor Sisters!!

  40. Jefferson Rex Reply

    My Morning Jacket will put on a performance unlike any other.

  41. FranklyCrafty Reply

    The ORIGINAL!! Buffalo Springfield with Joe Vitale and Rick Rosas. That show is going to be spectacular!

  42. Dan Reply

    Most excited to see Daniel Lanois’ Black Dub

  43. Leon Reply

    Buffalo Springfield!

  44. splitopenandmelt Reply


  45. Matt Reply

    superjam for sure!

  46. alli Reply

    mumford and sons!!!

  47. obchuck Reply

    I saw MMJ for the first time many moons ago at the Roo in the pouring rain. It was immediately after seeing one of my favorite bands,moe. playing in the rain, thunder, and lighting on the Sonic Stage, so I was already very excited. It wound up being my favorite performance period from both of the Roos I attended, and I saw some pretty awesome shit!! Been one of my favorite bands since!

  48. joseph stotts Reply

    widespread panic,i’ve seen them a few times at the roo.they put on one hell of a show

  49. Eric Reply

    My Morning Jacket. I’ve been wanting to see them for so long.

  50. JFD Reply

    Buffalo Springfield by far!

  51. will richards Reply

    im most excited to see arcade fire. been a big fan for a long time and they never come to florida so to be able to see them at my favorite festival would make this bonnaroo the best.. thank u

  52. John Kincade Reply

    Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers is the show to see.

  53. Eric Reply

    Bootsy Collins, gotta love the funk.

  54. Kim Reply

    Hailing from Louisville and this being my 3rd Bonnaroo, I can’t wait to see My Morning Jacket on the What Stage!!

  55. Sam Porter Reply

    Bela Fleck & the (original) Flecktones!

  56. Alecia Reply

    I’m most excited to see Buffalo Springfield. I’ve been trying to see Neil Young for the past eight years (when I started getting into his music) but every time he comes to Minnesota his tickets are overpriced or I have to work that night. This might be my only chance to see him.

  57. Jackie West Reply

    The father of Bonnaroo Warren Haynes! He will be everywhere on the farm playing with numerous different acts, and he never disappoints! His 2003 performance changed my life!

  58. Katie Reply

    Mumford and Sons! love love love love them and i really want to go to see them. hope all you roosters get some cooler weather this year.

  59. Jeff Reply

    Arcade Fire!!!!

  60. Adam Reply

    Can’t wait for the 2am Gogol Bordello show it will rock your face! Literally one of the coolest shows you can see.

  61. Lindsay Reply

    There are quite a few things I’m excited to see. . . Scissor Sisters, My Morning Jacket, Matt and Kim. . . I could keep going. I also can’t wait to experience the Silent Disco for the first time!!

  62. Autumn Reply

    Ryan Bingham!

  63. Brigid Reply

    mumford 🙂

  64. sean Reply

    My Morning Jacket whom ive never seen and especially Buffalo Sprinfield

  65. Barry Reply

    My Morning Jacket, so many fond Bonnaroo memories of seeing them.

  66. Andrew Reply

    If I have to choose just one Big Boi, but also really excited for Man Man, Deerhunter, and Arcade Fire.

  67. Mike Reif Reply

    I can’t wait to see Iron & Wine, and Man Man!

  68. Kurt Reply

    I am absolutely stoked to see Mr. Fleck!

  69. Andrew Hutchins Reply

    Id like to see Eminem live… he sure can rap

  70. Amir Bahadoran Reply

    I can’t wait to see STS9 at Bonnaroo again!

  71. Chris Reply

    Arcade Fire, I can never see them enough times.

  72. k sedberry Reply

    buffalo springfield!

  73. Jeremy Buckley Reply

    I like the bands that fly under the radar so this year I’m most interested in checking out The Head and the Heart.

  74. jonathan davis Reply

    Going back to my 5th roo. The anticipation for My Morning Jacket is killing me.

  75. Tina Brunker Reply

    So excited to see the Black Keys this year at Bonnaroo, hope I can get the tickets to go!

  76. Paula Reply

    Would love to see Amos Lee, Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons and Ray LaMontagne. I’ve never been to Roo before and this would be AMAZING!!1

  77. Clay Smith Reply

    I can’t wait to see The Black Keys!

  78. walter Reply

    Mumford and sons! I’ve never seen them live and I herd they were epic at coachella. That makes me wanna go even more

  79. Jake Futerfas Reply

    Buffalo Springfield

  80. Coe Roe Reply

    An oldie but always a goodie, widespread panic.

  81. R. Kraemer Reply

    Mumford and Sons & Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

  82. Marvin Rochelle Reply

    Galactic!! I need these tickets to surprise my new wife with a honeymoon we couldn’t afford but one thT would be unforgettable! We went to the 1st bonnaro when we were just dating!

  83. Victoria Reply


  84. Joshua Hill Reply

    I’m most exited to see My Morning Jacket at Bonnaroo.

  85. Jacob D. Reply

    Buffalo Springfield. As a 19 year old I never expected that I would have a chance to see this legendary band play. They have been one of my all time favorites for some time and seeing them in my home state would be an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately I lack the funds due to college to go to bonnaroo this year but If I could win a ticket it would be a dream come true.

  86. amber Reply

    I am most excited to see Big Boi this year (though my daughter is psyched about eminem!)

  87. Jeremy Beyth Reply

    Arcade Fire! so good!

  88. Angelo lazzara Reply

    Most excited for ratatat

  89. Angelica Reply

    Neil Young, it would be an honor to witness a legend that could transcend through every generation and remain timeless

  90. Kim Reply

    My Morning Jacket!!! But there’s really not a bad band on the lineup!

  91. Brielle Reply

    Ray Lamontagne

  92. Jon Reply

    my morning jacket!

  93. Sarah Marler Reply

    String Cheese Incident!!!

  94. Brandon Reply

    My Morning Jacket!

  95. Jess Reply


  96. Blaine M. Gies Reply

    The Strokes! But the way things and sold out tickets are going I don’t think I’m going to be able to afford going!

    The Strokes!

  97. staci Reply

    Id love to see g love and bela fleck.. more so victor wooten. And eminem. Then robert plant… id love to win tickets.. ill be in manchester then.. I have family there… there is not much to do there, bonnaroo would be awesome. Pick me lol.

  98. Jason Reply

    Portugal. The Man

  99. Jen Reply

    I can’t wait to see Mumford & Sons!

  100. Kyle Erickson Reply

    Hopefully i win these tickets so i can go see the best rapper alive, Eminem.

  101. Steven Bonda Reply

    Can’t wait to see Girl Talk again!!

  102. John Duncan Reply

    Arcade Fire. Not since Radiohead have I been so excited about a new band. They are great, live or on record. There are so many more worth mentioning, but you only let me pick one, if I could pick more, then I would run out of characters before finishing this comment!!

  103. Stephen Crouse Reply

    Arcade Fire!!!

  104. Rich Schoch Reply

    My morning Jacket I would love to see them at the FARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Katie Heyrich Reply

    Im excited to see Florence and the Machine

  106. Chris Dial Reply

    Arcade Fire!!!

  107. Kate Reply

    It’s a tie between String Cheese Incident and Gogol Bordello. Hope my lack of decisiveness doesn’t keep me from winning.

  108. C. Pat Reply

    Arcade Fire for sure

  109. Artur Oczko Reply

    I cant wait to see Jeff Dunham and his puppets!!! Gonna blow the roof off the tent!

  110. christina Reply

    G LoVe & Special Sauce! Now all I need is to win these tickets! Please Pick ME! <3

  111. Wesley Reply

    I would love to see pRiMuS…. if I WIN these Tickets!

  112. Del Reply

    ARCADE FIRE! Man I can’t wait for Roo (If I win!).

  113. Wes Reply

    lots of solid acts, but Arcade Fire has incredible energy. They are going to steal the show at the roo

  114. Roger M Reply

    Last year I discovered Mumford and Sons because I ended up at a different tent than I was planning on, glad it happened. Looking forward to finding the next unexpected treasure at Bonnaroo X!

  115. Dylan F Reply

    Most excited to see either Widespread Panic or Buffalo Springfield. Call me weird if you want.

  116. Wil Reply

    Gogol Bordello! Supposed to be so much fun live.

  117. Fowzia Reply

    Most excited to see The Strokes!

  118. Keenan Meadows Reply

    I am most excited to see the Ratatat late night show!

  119. Robin Anderton Reply

    I am most excited to see the Black Keys! I saw them last year at Bonnaroo and almost passed out. I could feel the music throughout my entire body. Almost a religious experience. Then again, Arcade Fire rocks my socks off every time!

  120. Roger Reply


  121. georgiajoe Reply


  122. Olive Reply

    i’m really excited to see twin shadow. like. really really really REALLY excited.

  123. Joel McKinney Reply

    Really looking forward to see How eminem does in the festival atmosphere, I hope he is electric on stage

  124. Leon Reply


  125. Ben Reply

    Superjam w/ Dan Auerbach & Dr. John

  126. Jon Reply

    I’m excited to see Brian Wilson hit some falsettos with the Beach Boys!

  127. Carae Reply

    Really, I am most excited to see everyone. I have been so broke this past year dealing with so much financial turmoil left by others, I really just want to get out there and ENJOY LIFE SOME. I need it. But really, I wanna see as much music as I possibly can, though I have never seen Phish before.

  128. Kimia Reply

    I’m most excited to see Red Hot Chili Peppers because they are one of the first bands that really got me into music when I was younger! It would be awesome to see them in the Bonnaroo environment and relive memories through their songs 🙂

  129. clarissa Reply

    Im excited about phish… If I go will be the first time seeing them live!

  130. Angie Winters Reply

    I’m completely excited to see Feist, St. Vincent, Radiohead, Bon Iver and to discover more!!!!!!!

  131. Paul Reply

    Too many to list. However, Red Hot Chili Peppers are a must must must see for me. Yet, I think that’s too obvious. So I’m going to go with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. who I missed seeing at ACL last year and would love to make it up to them this year at the ‘roo!

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