Video: Bob & Monet Weir – Rollin’ In The Deep

Bob Weir performed publicly with his daughter Monet for the first time at the Grateful Dead/Furthur guitarist’s solo acoustic gig Saturday night in Mill Valley, CA. Monet and Bob offered a cover of Adele’s Rollin’ In The Deep…

Bob & Monet Weir – Rollin’ In The Deep

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3 Responses

  1. She cant sing! completely off key! The old adage a little bit of talent and a whole lot of luck! Terrible not fair to other talented kids!

  2. She is a little girl with a lot of potential. If her father has the ways and means for her to practice her chops & sing in front of an audience, that’s his perogative. You are probably the daughter of a garbage man who is bitter and jealous!…how dare you put down a little girl who wants to sing. pick on someone your own size! IMHO, I thought she had a wonderful little voice. & how cool was the accoustic guitar accomp. from her Dad?!

  3. I agree I think she has loads of potential and has a great singing voice. Well done!!! Get the shit out of your ears Jane

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