Video: White Denim – Drug

We first wrote about White Denim all the way back in April 2008, which is an eternity in blog years, when we featured the band as one of our Blips picks. Since then, they’ve released three proper studio albums and have added an new guitarist. Late last month the Austin-based act released their latest full length effort – D – which is a huge sonic step forward for the band, combining their propensity for angular psychedelic-prog, and cutting through it with their most melodic vocals to date.

Let’s check out their goofy and trippy stop-motion video for Drug…

White DenimDrug

White Denim is currently in the midst of a the first leg of their US tour, which brings them to the Jackpot Music Hall in Lawrence, KS tonight.

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3 thoughts on “Video: White Denim – Drug

  1. DaveO Reply

    Can’t stop listening to this album.

  2. Jeffrey Greenblatt Reply

    I bought it yesterday and listened to it three times in a row. This really should be their “breakout” album.

  3. Joel Berk Reply

    i can’t stop listening to this either.

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