Phish Blossom Cuyahoga Falls: Setlist

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Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Set 1Kill Devil FallsGuyuteFuck Your FaceFoamOcelotRocket in My Pocket,Back on the TrainGuelah PapyrusTubeRun Like an Antelope[1]

Set 2Birds of a FeatherPossumSteam[2]Piper -> The LizardsSneakin’ Sally through the Alley[3]Harry HoodHave Mercy -> Harry Hood[4]Character Zero[5]

EncoreSlave to the Traffic Light

[1] Streets of Cairo teases from Trey. Different band members’ names (Including Toph) mentioned before Esquandolas.
[2] Debut.
[3] Manteca teases.
[4] Have Mercy and Lizards teases.
[5] Smoke on the Water teases.

Notes: This show marked the debut of Steam. Antelope featured a Streets of Cairo tease from Trey and saying different band members’ names (including Toph) before the “Esquandolas” lyric. Sally included Manteca teases, Hood contained Have Mercy and Lizards teases, and Character Zero contained a Smoke on the Water teases.


  • Venue Capacity / Attendance: 19,263/ 15,000*
  • Previous Shows at Venue: 7/31/1992, 6/20/1995, 9/18/2000, 6/12/2010
  • Number Of Songs / Length – First Set: 10 / 8:07 > 9:29 (82 Minutes)
  • Number Of Songs / Length – Second Set & Encore: 10 / 10:03 > 11:38 (95 Minutes)
  • Total Number of Songs / Covers / Originals: 20 / 3 / 17
  • Biggest Bustout: Fuck Your Face (Last Played 10/19/2010 – 20 Shows)
  • Debuts: Steam (Anastasio/Marshall)
  • Average Song Gap8.35
  • Longest LivePhish Track / Shortest LivePhish Track: Run Like An Antelope (12:03) / Fuck Your Face (2:19)
  • Wardrobe: Trey = Plaid Shirt / Jeans, Mike = Grey Shirt / Jeans, Page = Black Shirt / Jeans, Fish = Dress
  • AudioLive Phish SBD,

* – Approximation, Awaiting Actual Figures From Billboard


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7 thoughts on “Phish Blossom Cuyahoga Falls: Setlist

  1. Kip Reply

    Quick correction, fuck you face was last played at Augusta, not Utica.

  2. Julie Reply

    Is Steam a Peter Gabriel song or an original debut??

  3. Eli Schwab Reply

    the Hood>Mercy>Hood was big in the 80’s

  4. Andrew Bender Reply

    The Antelope outshone what was a super solid Tube. Marco Esquandolas Esquandolas Esquandolas?!? Also, the Character Zero had a nice slowdown thrown in at the end. As aggressively psychedelic as they’ve been in a while it seemed.

  5. Bart Reply

    This Piper, not as “terribly short” as Holmdel, but not exactly long either. Minute and a half longer than Holmdel’s.

  6. wags Reply

    The Fuck Your Face wasn’t as good as Utica’s either.

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