Video: Loretta Lynn – Portland, Oregon

This week’s videos feature bands you should check out at Bonnaroo

While it may be a bit too late to make a recommendation to those headed to Bonnaroo or to those already find themselves entrenched on the festival grounds, we wouldn’t be doing our duty if we didn’t implore you to see some music royalty over the course of the weekend. While there is a handful of fantastic legacy artists to choose from, we’d like to point you in the direction of The First Lady Of Country Music – Loretta Lynn – who in close to 50 years in music has 54 studio albums to her name and has sold over 5 million albums.

Lynn gained a whole new generation of fans with her 2004 release Van Lear Rose thanks in part to Jack White, who both produced and performed on the album. Let’s check out video for the pair’s duet – Portland, Oregon…

Loretta LynnPortland, Oregon

Loretta Lynn will hit the stage at That Tent on Saturday at 6:45 PM. Don’t be surprised if White makes a surprise appearance with his Third Man Records just up the road from the fest in Nashville, and not to mention the fact that both is his wife, and Wanda Jackson (whose record he also produced) will be performing at Bonnaroo X.

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